God Created The Integers: The Mathematical Breakthroughs that Changed History

5847be6c53562.jpg Author Stephen Hawking
Isbn 9780762432721
File size 8.2MB
Year 2007
Pages 1376
Language English
File format PDF
Category Mathematics

Book Description:

Bestselling author and physicist Stephen Hawking explores the "masterpieces" of mathematics, 25 landmarks spanning 2,500 years and representing the work of 15 mathematicians, including Augustin Cauchy, Bernard Riemann, and Alan Turing. This extensive anthology allows readers to peer into the mind of genius by providing them with excerpts from the original mathematical proofs and results. It also helps them understand the progression of mathematical thought, and the very foundations of our present-day technologies. Each chapter begins with a biography of the featured mathematician, clearly explaining the significance of the result, followed by the full proof of the work, reproduced from the original publication.



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