Grow It, Heal It: Natural and Effective Herbal Remedies from Your Garden or Windowsill

Natural And Effective Herbal Remedies From Your Garden Or Windowsill

56c882fd1312d.jpg Author Christopher Hobbs and Leslie Gardner
Isbn 9781609615703
File size 4.2 Mb
Year 2013
Pages 240
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Healthcare

Book Description:

This book is easy to read and very comprehensive. It tells you now to grow, harvest, and use herbs. It covers some of my favorite herbs, ie., yarrow, St Johns Wort, comfrey, lemon balm, calendula, chamomile.....and many more. I made several herbal syrups from their recipes. These will be comforting and healing through our coming winter.....which is predicted to be a very cold winter.
I recommend this book to all herbalists.....beginners especially....because it tells you from beginning to to use herbs for healing.

DR. CHRISTOPHER HOBBS is a fourth-generation, internationally renowned herbalist, licensed acupuncturist, author, clinician, botanist, mycologist, and research scientist with over 35 years of experience with herbal medicine.

Whether you are an herb newbie, a Master Herbalist or just curious in natural healing, this book is a great addition to your collection. It goes through some of the most common garden herbs and thoroughly discusses each. Covering the herb description, preparations and dosage, healing properties, safety, harvesting, and good growing tips. The colorful photos and layout makes this fun and easy to read and uses simple medical terms in discussing treatments. I find it very practical and certainly lovely enough to have out on the coffee table.



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