Handbook of Green Materials

Processing Technologies, Properties and Applications

Handbook of Green Materials: Processing Technologies, Properties and Applications Author Aji. P. Mathew, Alexander Bismarck, and Kristiina Oksman
Isbn 9814566454
File size 53MB
Year 2014
Pages 1124
Language English
File format PDF
Category Physics

Book Description:

Green materials and green nanotechnology have gained widespread interest over the last 15 years; first in academia, then in related industries in the last few years.

The Handbook of Green Materials serves as reference literature for undergraduates and graduates studying materials science and engineering, composite materials, chemical engineering, bioengineering and materials physics; and for researchers, professional engineers and consultants from polymer or forest industries who encounter biobased nanomaterials, bionanocomposites, self- and direct-assembled nanostructures and green composite materials in their lines of work.

This four-volume set contains material ranging from basic, background information on the fields discussed, to reports on the latest research and industrial activities, and finally the works by contributing authors who are prominent experts of the subjects they address in this set.

The four volumes comprise of:

Vol. 1. Bionanomaterials: separation processes, characterization and properties
Vol. 2. Bionanocomposites: processing, characterization and properties
Vol. 3. Self- and direct-assembling of bionanomaterials
Vol. 4. Biobased composite materials, their processing properties and industrial applications


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