Happy! Deluxe Edition

Happy! Deluxe Edition by Grant Morrison, Darick Robertson Author Darick Robertson and Grant Morrison
Isbn 1534306307
File size 405MB
Year 2017
Pages 128
Language English
File format PDF
Category Art

Book Description:

This is an interesting first time collaboration between Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson. Morrison is certainly better known, though I view his work as quite mixed (the good: All Star Superman, Arkham Asylum; the bad: Batman RIP, X-Men). Robertson is massively important because of his work on Transmetropolitan with Warren Ellis and The Boys with Garth Ennis (it seems like he is trying to complete his collection of Dark Britons to work with).

The premise: a disgraced cop-turned-hitman with a drinking problem and no friends in the world begins to see a small, blue hybrid pony-unicorn. I think the last four words will be a turn off for many people, and the little creature does not, in any way, make this a book fit for children.

There are some great lines, funny moments and a couple of decent fight scenes. Robertson loves drawing a bit of the old ultraviolence and he absolutely does so here. You have been warned.




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