FPGA-Based Embedded System Developer's Guide

The book covers various aspects of VHDL programming and FPGA interfacing with examples and sample codes giving an overview of VLSI technology, digital circuits design with VHDL, programming, components, functions and procedures, and arithmetic designs followed by coverage of the core of external I/O programming, algorithmic state machine based system design, and real-world interfacing examples. The book covers various aspects of VHDL...

Problems and New Solutions in the Boolean Domain

The Internet of Things is a great new challenge for the development of digital systems. In addition to the increasing number of classical unconnected digital systems, more people are regularly using new electronic devices and software that are controllable and usable by means of the internet. All such systems utilize the elementariness of Boolean values. A Boolean variable can carry only two different Boolean values: FALSE or TRUE (0...

Operating Systems: A Multi-perspective Episodic Approach

Operating Systems: A Multi-perspective Episodic Approach teaches students to design and implement an operating system in the way most suitable for their level and ability. Rather than presenting components of a system in isolation, the text focuses on understanding a simple system in its entirety, then applying this comprehensive understanding to ever more complicated systems. Students begin with the construction of a very basic oper...

Modern Processor Design: Fundamentals of Superscalar Processors

It is a really good book to understand the modern processor design. I strongly recommend that to any computer engineering students. As with most Computer Architecture books, this book covers a wide range of topics in superscalar out-of-order processor design. But what made this book stand out is a chapter dedicated to discussing advanced instruction flow techniques. The book had a very thorough review of many branch prediction algori...

PC Upgrade and Repair Bible

I bought this Great Book, Talk about a Bible, This Book is Packed full with 1383 Pages of Knowledge based references. As an avid computer geek this book is packed with all my needs with every fact in aiding in repair and upgrades plus it's easy to understand for any novice wanting to keep their computer running at peak efficiency. Thanks.

Parallel Supercomputing in Mimd Architectures

Parallel Supercomputing in MIMD Architectures is devoted to supercomputing on a wide variety of Multiple-Instruction-Multiple-Data (MIMD)-class parallel machines. This book describes architectural concepts, commercial and research hardware implementations, major programming concepts, algorithmic methods, representative applications, and benefits and drawbacks. Commercial machines described include Connection Machine 5, NCUBE, Butterf...

Introduction to Robotics: Analysis, Control, Applications, Second Edition

I actually took the course from the professor who wrote the book so I got taught the same techniques that you're expected to use. A bit about the man: Dr. Niku is an old-school professor who was involved in the early days of robotics. He is not one to stay up with the times and taught the whole class from an overhead projector. (I know, right?) At times, the material seemed a bit outdated. For example, we were told that in practice, ...

Data Mining in Time Series and Streaming Databases

This compendium is a completely revised version of an earlier book, Data Mining in Time Series Databases, by the same editors. It provides a unique collection of new articles written by leading experts that account for the latest developments in the field of time series and data stream mining. The emerging topics covered by the book include weightless neural modeling for mining data streams, using ensemble classifiers for imbalanced ...

General-purpose Graphics Processor Architecture

Originally developed to support video games, graphics processor units (GPUs) are now increasingly used for general-purpose (non-graphics) applications ranging from machine learning to mining of cryptographic currencies. GPUs can achieve improved performance and efficiency versus central processing units (CPUs) by dedicating a larger fraction of hardware resources to computation. In addition, their general-purpose programmability make...

Build a Computer from Scratch

Would you like to learn how to build a computer system? Building your own computer system lets you get exactly the computer system that you need. This ebook will take you through all of the steps to create a powerful computer system. Our guide contains over 120 photographs to guide you through the process. This ebook also includes sample designs for computer systems that emphasize such uses as gaming, video editing, general use or an...