Future Mobile Transport Protocols

Thomas Pötsch investigates the channel properties of cellular networks and analyzes the effects that cause inefficient performance of legacy congestion control protocols, such as TCP and its variants, on cellular networks. Inspired by the findings, a novel delay-based congestion control protocol called Verus is proposed and evaluated across a variety of network scenarios. Furthermore, the author develops a stochastic two-dimensional ...

Neuro-inspired Computing Using Resistive Synaptic Devices

This book summarizes the recent breakthroughs in hardware implementation of neuro-inspired computing using resistive synaptic devices. The authors describe how two-terminal solid-state resistive memories can emulate synaptic weights in a neural network. Readers will benefit from state-of-the-art summaries of resistive synaptic devices, from the individual cell characteristics to the large-scale array integration. This book also discu...

Make: Noko, das MP3-Monster

Der Golem von Prag, Frankensteins Monster, Elisa - stets versuchen Menschen, Dingen Leben einzuhauchen. Heraus kommen Monster, Mythen und Mutationen. Noko ist ein leicht nachzubauendes DIY-Monster, das den Alltag unterhaltsamer und vielleicht auch etwas praktischer machen soll. In vier Teilen zeigt das Make-Magazin, wie man das Monster baut und mit verschiedenen Funktionen ausstattet.

Advanced NXT The Da Vinci Inventions Book

The popularity of NXT and the success of The Da Vinci Code are combined in this fascinating book. Projects for building and programming five of Leonardo's most famous inventions are covered in detail: the tank, the helicopter, the catapult, the flying machine, and the revolving bridge. This book is written for serious NXT programmers and covers the most popular programming environments available today. The book is abundantly illustra...

Intel Edison Projects

Build powerful Robots and IoT solutions using Intel Edison About This Book Learn to build advanced level robots with Intel Edison and Arduino Efficiently build and program home automation and IoT projects with Intel Edison Master the skills of creating enticing projects with Intel Edison. Who This Book Is For If you are a hobbyist, robot engineer, IoT enthusiast, programmer, or developer who wants to create autonomous projects with I...

How to Do Everything Samsung Galaxy Tab

Get the most out of your Samsung GALAXY Tab At last--a tablet that puts the power of a full computer right in your hands! This hands-on guide shows you show to tap into your Galaxy Tab's full range of business productivity and entertainment features. How to Do Everything: Samsung GALAXY Tab teaches you how to connect to wireless networks, sync data with your PC or Mac, browse the Web, use e-mail, and much more. Harness the power of t...

The Arduino Inventor's Guide

The Arduino microcontroller makes it easy to learn about electronics, but it can be hard to know where to start. The 10 projects in this book will teach you to build, code, and invent with the super-smart Arduino and a handful of parts. First, you'll master the basics with a primer that explains how a circuit works, how to read a wiring schematic, and how to build and test projects with a solderless breadboard. Then you'll learn how ...

How to Build a Computer - Step by Step : A Beginners Guide - Part One

This is a step by step guide on how to build a computer. This was specifically designed for those with very little or no knowledge of how to do this themselves. If you are an experienced computer technician this book is simply not for you. With this guide I will show you how to select all the components you need to assemble your computer.

Building the Perfect PC, 3 edition

Build a PC that will outperform any brand-name box on the market Yes, even if you’re not a total geek you can build your own PC -- and we guarantee it’s worth the effort. You’ll discover that the quality is better and the cost is much lower than any comparable off-the-shelf PC you can buy. Design the custom computer you want, and have fun doing it. Get high-quality PC hardware from local stores and online vendors Plan your computer p...

Beginning FPGA: Programming Metal: Your brain on hardware

Use Arrow's affordable and breadboard-friendly FPGA development board (BeMicro MAX 10) to create a light sensor, temperature sensor, motion sensor, and the KITT car display from Knight Rider. You don't need an electronics engineering degree or even any programming experience to get the most out ofBeginning FPGA: Programming Metal. Just bring your curiosity and your Field-Programmable Gate Array. This book is for those who have tinker...