Tune Up Your PC In a Weekend, 2nd Edition

Most of the problems that people have with their PCs are software-based and easily fixable,at little or no expense--if you know how! This book walks the Reader step-by-step through the same troubleshooting and correction processes that experts use when people pay them $50 per hour or more to work on the PCs. This book thoroughly covers the software side of PC troubleshooting, repair and maintenance, which is by far the most common si...

Simple Arduino based 4 Floor Elevator project

Getting this manual will make you able of designing and implementing a four-floor elevator control system. This comes as a microcontroller based system of my previous PLC based project (Programming a 4 Floor Elevator with SIMATIC S7-300 or LOGO). Note: By searching “simple Arduino based 4 floor elevator project” on YouTube, you will be able to watch a smoothly functioning prototype based off this manual. Developing this project will ...

The Art of DSP: An innovative introduction to DSP

This book is about DSP – Digital Signal Processing. DSP used to be a specialist subject but now most engineers and scientists – and many in other fields such as finance – will use it at some time. Signals are used everywhere and almost all processing is now digital, so knowing about DSP is essential. DSP is often presented mathematically as an academic subject: but in practice you are not usually asked to derive or prove the mathemat...

Computer Architecture

This book lays out the concepts necessary to understand how a computer works. For reasons of clarity, the authors have deliberately chosen examples that apply to machines from all eras, without having to water down the contents of the book. This choice helps to show how techniques, concepts and performances have evolved since the first computers. The book is divided into five parts. The first four, which are of increasing difficulty,...

SAP Interface Programming: A comprehensive reference for RFC, BAPI, and JCo programming

With a strong focus on the RFC Library, this book gives beginners a first-hand introduction to basic concepts, and highlights key tools in the ABAP Workbench. Actual programming examples help to illustrate client-server architecture, and show you how to assess the appropriate tools for error diagnosis, troubleshooting and more. Experienced SAP developers can dive right into comprehensive chapters on programming the RFC interface, and...

Raspberry Pi: Full Stack: A whirlwind tour of full-stack web application development on the Raspberry Pi

The objective of this book is to take you to a whirlwind tour of the Raspberry Pi, and introduce you to everything that is great about it. This book is written as a project guide. By working towards completing this project, you will become familiar with the various components that make up the web development stack: the operating system, the hardware (including the GPIOs), the application server, web server, database server, and the P...

Tolino Vision 3 HD - das inoffizielle Handbuch. Anleitung, Tipps, Tricks

Wie Sie Ihren Tolino Vision 3 HD optimal nutzen. Klar, verständlich, ausführlich. Der Tolino Vision 3 HD - wie funktioniert er? Wie richten Sie ihn ein, wie nutzen Sie ihn aus? Wo finden Sie Lesestoff, wo können Sie kostenlose eBooks downloaden oder aus der Bibliothek ausleihen? All das - beschrieben in klarem, verständlichem Deutsch. Der Tolino Vision 3 HD ist gleich in mehrerer Hinsicht sehr spannend. Zum einen ist er die deutsche ...

Enterprise Java for SAP

Enterprise Java for SAP is designed as an introduction to the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) for the SAP developer. After providing a general introduction to Java, author Austin Sincock explores how to open the typically closed SAP environment to the world of Java. Utilizing SAP's Java connector, JCo, Sincock details an end-to-end web application that connects directly to SAP, including the deployment and implementation o...

Le guide anti-plantage

Dépannez vous-même votre PC sans panique. Plantages, erreurs matérielles, pannes de périphériques, messages énigmatiques : pour vous en sortir, suivez nos conseils. Les astuces pour minimiser les risques de pannes ; Tout sur la réinstallation de Windows ;

3D-Druck: Der praktische Einstieg

Wenn Sie die Möglichkeiten des 3D-Drucks intensiv kennenlernen möchten, dann ist das Ihr Buch. Es macht Sie mit den Grundlagen des 3D-Drucks vertraut, bevor es dann am Beispiel des 3D-Druckers Ultimaker 2 richtig zur Sache geht. Von der Vorlage über das optimale Filament (»Druckertinte«) bis hin zum eigentlich Druck und dem Veredeln der Oberfläche vollziehen Sie alle Schritte ganz leicht nach. Lernen, Spaß, Spannung und natürlich tol...