ROS Robotics By Example - Second Edition

A superb and concise book on the Robot Operating System and its applications. With many 'how to' examples I have found this book to be a very useful addition to my library. This book is particularly useful for applications using mobile robots, but the principles apply as well to fixed base robots and complex applications. I recommend it for anyone starting to learn ROS or as a reference for the more experienced programmer. ROS Roboti...

High Performance Computing for Big Data (Chapman & Hall/CRC Big Data Series)

Prof. Chao Wang received B.S. and Ph.D. degrees from School of Computer Science, University of Science and Technology of China, in 2006 and 2011 respectively. He has been a postdoctoral researcher in USTC from 2011 to 2013. He also worked with Infineon Technologies A.G. in 2007-2008. He is the associate editor of Microprocessors and Microsystems, IET Computers & Digital Techniques, and International Journal of Electronics.

Teach Yourself VISUALLY IPad, 6th Edition

Learn the basics and beyond with this visual guide to the iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Pro Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPad is a clear, concise, image-rich guide to getting the most out of your iPad, iPad mini, or iPad Pro running iOS 11. Designed to quickly get you the answers you need, it cuts to the chase by skipping the long-winded explanations and breaking each task down into bite-sized pieces. You'll find step-by-step instruction for ...

Free Range VHDL. The no-frills guide to writing powerful code for your digital implementations

Free Range VHDL is a fundamental guide to develop the skills necessary to write powerful VHDL code. The approach taken by this book is to provide only what you need to know to get up and running quickly in VHDL. As with all learning, once you have obtained and applied some useful information, it is much easier to build on what you know as opposed to continually adding information that is not directly applicable to the subjects at han...

Birthing the Computer: From Drums to Cores

Birthing the Computer: From Drums to Cores examines the evolution of computer systems architecture based on two evolutionary developments: memory technology magnetic drums to magnetic cores and CPU technology transistors. This evolution, exemplified by a number of academic and commercial computing machines, yielded significant performance improvements and more storage leading to more effective utilization. These features would drive ...

Principles of Computer Hardware, 4 edition

Completely updated and revised throughout, the fourth edition of Principles of Computer Hardware explores the fundamentals of computer structure, architecture, and programming. The book opens with an introduction to the fundamental concepts behind computer architecture: gates, circuits, logic, and computer arithmetic. It goes on to discuss computer operation from instruction set architecture and assembly language programming to the c...

Critical Socio-Technical Issues Surrounding Mobile Computing

As lifestyles in personal and public spheres become more fast-paced and hectic, the need for reliable mobile technologies becomes increasingly important. Insights into the various impacts of mobile applications pave the way for future advances and developments in communication and interaction. Critical Socio-Technical Issues Surrounding Mobile Computing is a pivotal reference source for research-based perspectives on the use and appl...

An Improved Lightweight Privacy Preserving Authentication Scheme for SIP-Based-VoIP Using Smart Card

In the past few years, secure information sharing became very popular in the area of immigration, military applications, healthcare, education, foreign affairs, etc. As secure communication utilizes both wireless and wired communication mechanizations for exchanging sensitive information, security and privacy of the information exchange cannot be easily compromised. To moderate the security, integrity, authenticity, and privacy issue...

ESP8266 Robotics Projects

The ESP8266 Wi-Fi module is a self-contained SOC with an integrated TCP/IP protocol stack and can give any microcontroller access to your Wi-Fi network. It has a powerful processing and storage capability and also supports application hosting and Wi-Fi networking. This book is all about robotics projects based on the original ESP8266 microcontroller board and some variants of ESP8266 boards. It starts by showing all the necessary thi...

Systems, Cybernetics, Control, and Automation

Systems, cybernetics, control, and automation (SCCA) are four interrelated and overlapping scientific and technological fields that have contributed substantially to the development, growth, and progress of human society. A large number of models, methods, and tools were developed that assure high efficiency of SCCA applied to practical situations. The real-life applications of SCCA encompass a wide range of man-made or biological sy...