Getting Started with the Internet of Things: Connecting Sensors and Microcontrollers to the Cloud

The book is extremely interesting and amusing. You'll enjoy it as you read it. The topics (all) are so well explained that, any new programmer, will easily understand them. The author shows a well domain of the C# language, which helps when there's need to follow programming code from somebody else. After implementing the examples from the book, not only you would have an entertaining time, you'll have a good (or better if you alread...

Communication Architectures for Systems-on-Chip (Embedded Systems)

A presentation of state-of-the-art approaches from an industrial applications perspective, Communication Architectures for Systems-on-Chip shows professionals, researchers, and students how to attack the problem of data communication in the manufacture of SoC architectures. With its lucid illustration of current trends and research improving the performance, quality, and reliability of transactions, this is an essential reference for...

Troubleshooting and Maintaining Your PC All-In-One for Dummies, 3rd Edition

So far I am very impressed with the book. I have been able to go find a problem in the book and it easily walks you through what you need to do. I have been looking into parts of the programing I have never been to before. For computer geeks this book probably is not as beneficial, but then the book wasn't intended for them. I have more work to do on my computer using this book, but I was able to fix some of my problems. My biggest p...

Beginning BBC micro:bit: A Practical Introduction to micro:bit Development

Learn essential concepts and techniques to build simple-to-advanced projects and overcome common programming challenges in micro:bit development. Beginning BBC micro:bit will take you through the complete features and capabilities of the micro:bit controller, enabling you to program and build your own projects. The uses are endless for the micro:bit and this books will help get you started on building your next project with this popu...

3D Printed Science Projects: Ideas for Your Classroom, Science Fair, or Home

This is a fine introductory handbook for science classes and projects. These authors begin at the beginning and carefully lead the reader to a modest but sufficient level of competence in 3D printing, the most significant new technology of the past decade. I recommend the book to teachers and parents who wish to have hands-on involvement with their kids' entry into technology. Bear in mind, this stuff is fun. As a teacher of blind an...

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Beginning STM32: Developing with FreeRTOS, libopencm3 and GCC

Excellent Book for an embedded system programmer. Covers SPI, CAN and even Code Overlays. Would definitely recommend for Beginners and mid-level working professionals. For those who like C and RTOS, this is a great book to get your feet wet on STM32, using the cheap "blue pill". Covers everything in sufficient detail to get you started. Does not go into ARM assembler details, this is strictly a C source level book. Excellent work.

Circuits and Electronics

"Circuits and Electronics: Hands-on Learning with Analog Discovery can be used in a one or two-semester Introductory circuit analysis or circuit theory course taught in Electrical or Computer Engineering Programs. It covers Analog Discovery. This hands-on-learning design approach gives students and professors the freedom and creativity to expand the scope of course materials and explore real-time design scenarios right in the classro...

Troubleshooting Cisco Nexus Switches and NX-OS

You can tell once you start reading this was written by engineers who are in the thick of troubleshooting day-to-day network problems. Clear and concise command sets, diagrams and explanations make it very easy to understand. I would recommend this book to any mid-senior level network engineer and/or software engineer who is looking to gain more in depth knowledge on NXOS.