IronFit's Everyman Triathlons

Informative, sensible and incredibly helpful guidance written in a user-friendly and compelling style. Whether you have done many triathlons or are just dipping your toes into the tri-waters for the first time, this is a fantastic guide, chock full of expert information and inspirational stories to lead and motivate you on the journey to achieving your personal best at the sprint or olympic distances. The week-by-week training progra...

The Dao of Taijiquan: Way to Rejuvenation

This book is a must for any serious Tai Chi player. I have many Tai Chi books in my collection (mostly in Chinese), and this one is probably one of the best. Although words cannot explain the experience of Tai Chi just like one cannot describe what sugar tastes like, the book offers some practical tips and scientific perspective. The drawings of the three classical styles (Chen, Yang and Sun) are taken from other books written in Chi...

Dermatologic Surgery and Procedures

Contents 1 Local Anesthesia 2 Cryotherapy for Common Premalignant and Malignant Skin Disorders 3 Application of Cryogenic Methods in Skin Diseases of Different Etiology 4 Simultaneous Excisions and Extemporary Skin Plastics: New Reconstructive Techniques after Tumor Surgery 5 Mohs Micrographic Surgery 6 C02 Laser-Assisted Otoplasty: A New Dermatosurgical Procedure 7 Photodynamic Therapy and Skin Cancer 8 Advanced Technologies in Derm...

Exercices de musculation

Observant le principe de Léonard de Vinci qui disait : " Toi qui prétends par des mots démontrer la figure, le mouvement de l'homme, écartes-toi de cette opinion, car plus tu décriras minutieusement, plus tu confondras l'esprit du lecteur et plus tu t'éloigneras de la chose décrite. " Lucien Demeillès dans cet ouvrage " exercice de musculation " nous propose des dessins qui n'exigent pas des descriptions longues et ennuyeuses. Auteur...

Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness

"This book is an excellent introduction to the general principles of MI, as well as specific strategies and techniques. The examples and scripts very clearly illustrate the use of MI in counseling for dietary and physical activity behavior change. As a Registered Dietitian, I especially liked the chapter on nutrition counseling, with its many extended scripts and ideas. The basic philosophy of MI is woven throughout the book, and it ...

Living in Death's Shadow

"Written by one of the foremost historians of family caregiving, illness trajectories, and death and dying, this is an incredibly insightful and important book that will remind a wide range of readers that dying is a long, emotional process for many families. I applaud Abel's conclusion that we as a society can no longer ignore the process of living while dying."

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"Ménopause: 21 jours de menus"

Diplômée en biochimie et en nutrition de l'Université Laval, Alexandra Leduc est avant tout une nutritionniste passionnée par les saveurs et soucieuse de la santé de la population. Elle est aussi conférencière et fondatrice d'Alex cuisine. une entreprise qui fait la promotion de la santé par la cuisine simple, saine et rapide. Alexandra offre également une expertise en saine gestion du poids et aide la population à retrouver une sain...

"Le guide du yoga"

Depuis son célèbre ashram de Pondichéry, Shrî Aurobindo dirigeait un grand nombre de disciples de toutes cultures, de toutes religions et de tous âges.Aux questions nombreuses et infiniment variées posées par ses disciples, il répondait toujours par des explications et des instructions précises, par l'intermédiaire de lettres. Malgré leur caractère personnel, ces indications avaient une portée suffisamment générale pour qu'Aurobindo ...

Can You Be Happy for 100 Days in a Row?

The #100HappyDays challenge—Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?—is a viral online movement that has had more than 8 million participants since its launch in 2013. Those who have completed the challenge have found that spending 100 days intentionally finding or creating a happy moment each day—whether through trying something new or just seeing their daily life in a new way—added up to long-lasting feelings of optimism, gratitude,...

The Checklist:

In the tradition of YOU The Owner's Manual, The Checklist is organized as a guide to help individuals and families take the right precautions, at the right time in their lives, to avoid the most common health pitfalls and illnesses, and put them on the path to a vigorous and sound lifestyle. Each decade in a person's life introduces new risks not seen in their previous ten years. A health plan must be tailor-made to fit a body as it ...