Healing Homosexuality: Case Stories of Reparative Therapy

In 1973, when all the arguments were presented to the American Psychiatric Association both for and against the idea of homosexuality as pathology, it was the personal disclosures of gay men that had the most influence. Listening to their stories of frustration in treatment–and their newfound happiness through acceptance of a gay identity–the American Psychiatric Association voted to omit homosexuality as a diagnostic category. Now, ...

Personal Training: Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition

Personal Training: Theory and Practice, Second Edition, draws together in one unique volume the personal, practical and business skills central to becoming a successful personal trainer. This accessible book introduces you to the fundamentals of applied exercise prescription and programme design, as well as advanced concepts including nutritional intervention, postural analysis and the psychology of behaviour change.

The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups

I don't know anyone in this day and age who has put as much time, effort, and passion into handstand pushups and handstands than Mr. Logan Christopher. He's highly regarded in the fitness industry by the top "real" experts. If you're looking to get into handstand pushups, this is a must have. Read below to find out the many things you’ll find out about doing handstand and handstand pushups. Want to target the shoulders more? Work wit...

Drug Use in Metropolitan America

This book describes, relates and integrates findings from a study of the Washington DC metropolitan area that looked at the nature and extent of drug use in a single urban setting. The research strategy involved focusing particularly on groups which have been traditionally underrepresented in household populations. The book serves as a methodological primer on how to undertake a study such as this. It places these findings in the lar...

As Time Goes By in Argentina: (Directions in Development)

Argentina is passing through a demographic transition that constitutes a window of economic and social opportunities and challenges. Argentina’s working-age population represents the largest proportion of its total population. The country just began a 30-year period with the most advantageous age structure of its population, which could favor greater economic growth. This situation, known as the demographic window of opportunity, wil...

Intelligence Reframed: Multiple Intelligences for the 21st Century

I chose this book by Howard Gardner because I wished to learn about his theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI). This being his most current version of that theory, I thought it would be the most relevant. I was not disappointed. As an elementary teacher-in-training, what I had heard of MI theory made sense to me: that our minds are made up of separate intelligences and each of us is stronger in some than in others. Current MI theory d...

Same-Sex Domestic Violence: Strategies for Change

This comprehensive resource book examines a broad range of issues that confront the victims of same-sex domestic violence and those who offer them services. Chapters include topics of practical concern, HIV, same-sex domestic violence, establishing safe-home networks for battered gay men, courtroom advocacy, coalition building and dating violence prevention.

Dual Diagnosis: An Integrated Approach to Treatment

Dual Diagnosis presents a model that integrates theory and research from both mental illness and substance abuse fields as well as proposing simultaneous integrated treatment in a single wetting setting. Building upon a solid theoretical and research foundation, the book discusses the unique problems and treatment methods tailored trailed for specific mental illnesses when combined with substance abuse. Each mental disorder is presen...

Deaf Epistemologies, Identity, and Learning : A Comparative Perspective

Goedele A. M. De Clerck presents cross-cultural comparative research that examines and documents where deaf flourishing occurs and how it can be advanced. She spotlights collective and dynamic resources of knowledge and learning; the coexistence of lived differences; social, linguistic, cultural, and psychological capital; and human potential and creativity. Deaf Epistemologies, Identity, and Learning argues for an inclusive approach...

Yoga: The 8 steps to health and peace

The ancient 8-step path to self-discovery illuminated by the world authority on Yoga Yoga Exercise Is Not The End…it IS The Beginning. This is Richard Hittleman's most complete, in-depth presentation of Yoga to date. In explaining the Patanjali structure and how the techniques of six major systems of Yoga can be applied, he now reveals multiple possibilities available to those in quest of fulfillment. Included is the famous Richard H...