Stabiles Kreuz

Mit Rückgrat durchs Leben Leiden Sie unter Kreuzschmerzen, Hohlkreuz, Bandscheibenvorfällen & Co.? Helfen Sie Ihrem Kreuz, entlastet und wieder ganz mobil zu sein. Statt langweiliger Gymnastik erwarten Sie die Übungen der Spiraldynamik® - hochwirksam und garantiert einfach in Ihren Alltag einzubauen. Spiraldynamik® - das Erfolgskonzept Spiraldynamik ist gezielte Eigentherapie bei Bewegungsproblemen. Dieses leicht erlernbare Konze...

The RealAge Makeover: Take Years off Your Looks and Add Them to Your Life

Why not live at 60 feeling like you did at 35? Thousands of Americans are younger today than they were five years ago. How is that possible? By following the specific recommendations that reverse aging in Dr. Michael Roizen's bestselling book RealAge®: Are You As Young As You Can Be?, people who were previously much older than their chronological age have now taken up to twentynine years off their biological ages. Since that first pu...

Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program: Use the Power of Exercise to Reverse Aging and Stay Strong, Fit, and Sexy

The definitive exercise book that the one-million-plus readers of the Younger Next Year® series have been waiting for—and the exercise book that takes the intimidation out of starting a workout routine. Based on the science that shows how we can turn back our biological clocks by a combination of aerobics and strength fitness, it’s a guide that will show every reader how to live with newfound vibrancy, strength, endurance, confidence...

Street Workout, A Worldwide Anthology of Urban Calisthenics

"Al and Danny Kavadlo--bodyweight coaches extraordinaire--have done it again. Their new book Street Workout is an incredibly comprehensive collection of calisthenics concepts, exercises and programs. In addition to their masterful demonstrations of every exercise, the Kavadlo brothers' colorful personalities and motivational talents leap off of every page. If you're serious about bodyweight training, you've gotta get this book!" --MA...

Assessing Prevalence and Trends in Obesity: Navigating the Evidence

Obesity has come to the forefront of the American public health agenda. The increased attention has led to a growing interest in quantifying obesity prevalence and determining how the prevalence has changed over time. Estimates of obesity prevalence and trends are fundamental to understanding and describing the scope of issue. Policy makers, program planners, and other stakeholders at the national, state, and local levels are among t...

The Science of Natural Healing

Delve into the world of holistic healthcare, the range of nature-based methods and treatments that are both clinically proven and readily available to you - and that provide an alternative way for you to nurture your own optimal health, disarm stress, and deepen the experience of well-being. These 24 compelling and practical lectures offer a rich spectrum of choices and possibilities for your own healthcare, as well as practical tool...

The Healthy Heart Handbook for Women

Research on women’s heart health is exploding. Nearly every week, it seems, the media report on new ways to prevent and treat heart disease in women—and it can be hard to keep track of it all. In this updated edition of “The Healthy Heart Handbook for Women,” we have put together all of this new knowledge in one easy-to-use handbook. This guide is part of The Heart Truth, a national public awareness campaign for women about heart dis...

Living Well with Back Pain: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You...That You Need to Know

If you're one of the millions of Americans suffering from back pain, Robert B. Winter, Md, and Marilyn L. Bach, PhD, have the answers and knowledge you need to effectively manage your condition. In Living Well with Back Pain, Winter and Bach draw on an extensive network of experts to bring you the latest information on: Diagnosing—and even eliminating—the problem Exercise programs and over-the-counter drug treatments Choosing the rig...

Self Healing Colitis & Crohn's 3rd Edition

This is the 3nd edition of the best-selling natural self-help book for any inflammatory bowel disorder. It teaches the principles of self-healing based in true health science. This complete wholistic wellness guide is the culmination of Dr. Klein s 25 years of health experience since healing himself after 8 years of severe ulcerative colitis in 1984, plus his experience with thousands of clients, 99% of whom successfully healed since...

Stoffwechsel beschleunigen: Wie du deinen Grundumsatz steigerst, Insulin-Resist

Das Buch gibt einen guten Überblick über Faktoren und Nährstoffe, die Einfluss auf unseren Stoffwechsel haben, ohne unnötig tief in die Biochemie abzudriften, geht aber trotzdem weit über "(Foren-)Einheitsbrei" hinaus und liefert definitiv neue Erkenntnisse. Zudem gefällt mir der Schreibstil dieses mal (noch) besser, als im ersten Buch UND vor allem die Kernaussage in Bezug auf NEM's und den vernünftigen/verantwortungsvollen Umgang m...