The Hedonist: World Vacation Guide

5a5025230a55a.jpg Author Brett Tate
Isbn 9780975264003
File size 30.7MB
Year 2005
Pages 208
Language English
File format PDF
Category Travel

Book Description:

As seen on TV, The Hedonist is the ultimate Sports and Sex Vacation Guide. Written for the guy who knows exactly what he wants, is willing to pay for it, and loves to spoils himself rotten. If you love exotic tropical getaways with Ocean Lined Golf, Deep Sea Fishing, Casinos, and pay for play girls who always say yes, this book is for you. Experience the Ultimate Fat Cat Vacations that can be pulled off on a fraternity tight budget. Get your BS stories for the old lady at home, it's time to be the fearless weekend warrior who indulges in balls to the wall hedonistic lust.

Spring Break, Cancun, and Hedonism are for wimps. This is the Big Leagues, the Adult Disneyland. Where every guy scores hot young girls every night, and the fishing and golf stories are all real. Covering 20 tropical cities, dive headfirst into hedonist insanity in Costa Rica, Rio de Janeiro, Cabo San Lucas, from Bangkok to the Caribbean, to a dozen untarnished island paradises in South America, Asia, and Europe, where you'll be treated like a King for $25! A fascinating read written from personal experiences, in a hysterical, Maxim-like sarcastic style that seems more like a Bachelor Party conversation than a travel guide. Golf, Fishing, Gambling, Beaches, and chugging umbrella drinks with Pay for Play hotties wearing nothing but a smile. Who could ask for anything more?

Learn the how, what, and where for all your daytime sports activities:

  • Breathtaking world ranked Ocean-lined Golf Courses
  • Big Game Sportfishing with Trophy-sized Marlin and topless horny shipmates
  • Scuba diving, Windsurfing, Parasailing, Snorkeling, and Kayaking
  • Jungle treks, rappelling, mountain climbing, insane Level 4 Whitewater Rafting

Learn the how and the where to meet your uninhibited "dates".

  • Massive High Class discos where every girl is available and competes for you
  • Full service, upscale Strip Clubs (incall/outcall), Massage Parlors and Roman Termas
  • Sports bar Brothels, Red Light Districts, Escorts, endless local nymphos
  • Topless beaches overflowing with sexy young Island girls who ALWAYS SAY YES
  • The low down on the club procedures, pricing and terminology, w/local updated websites w/maps and details.

What can I expect to happen on these vacations?

  • Expect Viagra to become a favorite new food group
  • Expect girls to be walking with a limp after leaving your hotel room
  • Experience first-hand the wisdom of the famous line "we pay them to leave."
  • Discover a little late that "Drink Canada Dry" is just a slogan, and not a personal challenge
  • Expect to feel 20 years younger, and to dread the day you have to return

A turnkey guide travel assistant, complete with reviews, addresses, phone numbers, and first hand field reports. Included is a must-read 30 pages of Sex Tourism 101 advice on mastering the games and psychology of the local women you'll meet. This is the taboo Bachelor's Vacation Guide that we've all been waiting for, without a single politically correct word in it. Nicknamed the Sex Bible for Men, over 200 pages of extensive, concise, well-researched advice, including tips for hotels, cabs, customs, currency, crime and scams, sightseeing advice and more. A real time and money saver. Why settle for anything but the best? Why gamble on hopes? Bet on the sure thing. The girls are waiting...



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