A Clash of Heroes: Brandeis, Weizmann, and American Zionism

Chaim Weizmann, steeped in the folk culture of the East European shtetl and the humanistic science of Central and Western Europe, was the ambassador of the Jewish people to the English-speaking world. Louis D. Brandeis, on the other hand, was known as the true exponent of Anglo-American civic culture who gave his leadership at a critical moment to the American and world Jewish community. A Clash of Heroes studies the conflict between...

Byron and the Discourses of History

In her study of the relationship between Byron’s lifelong interest in historical matters and the development of history as a discipline, Carla Pomarè focuses on drama (the Venetian plays, The Deformed Transformed), verse narrative (The Siege of Corinth, Mazeppa) and dramatic monologue (The Prophecy of Dante), calling attention to their interaction with historiographical and pseudo-historiographical texts ranging from monographs to di...

Gene Basset's Vietnam Sketchbook

This is an important book, and a wonderful one. Gene Basset is a great artist, managing to stop time and freeze the perfect expression with a single line. Dr. Rooke's use of the stages of grief is most apt, and spot on on. This is a book for those who were there, and for those who weren't and want to better understand the profound changes in our country and society brought on by this war, and its aftermath.

Mapping the Medieval City: Space, Place and Identity in Chester c. 1200-1600

“Few material phenomena are as complex as the city. In its border location, the changing form of Chester dramatically reflects the vicissitudes of military, political, and economic fortune, and social difference and conflict within. This book is a model of multidisciplinary coherency, with a diverse collection of intelligent and thoughtful papers that not only reveal how medieval men and women in Chester made sense of their habitat f...

Faces Like Devils: The Bald Knobber Vigilantes in the Ozarks

“The Bald Knobbers were practitioners of personal and political killings and assaults who terrorized southwestern Missouri in the 1880s. Numbering in the hundreds, these vigilantes punished wrongdoing as they saw it and inspired an opposition group (with the appropriate sobriquet, the ‘Anti-Bald Knobbers’) before being suppressed at the end of the decade. Matthew J. Hernando has produced what is probably their first critical history ...

Roman Slavery and Roman Material Culture

Replete now with its own scholarly traditions and controversies, Roman slavery as a field of study is no longer limited to the economic sphere, but is recognized as a fundamental social institution with multiple implications for Roman society and culture. The essays in this collection explore how material culture – namely, art, architecture, and inscriptions – can illustrate Roman attitudes towards the institution of slavery and towa...

John Vachon's America

"In this exciting and provocative book, Miles Orvell addresses an extremely important topic in the history of documentary photography. John Vachon's images and correspondence provide a fascinating counter-narrative to the end of American isolation and the coming of World War II. His writings are a trove of information, written with disarming candor and spiced with lively comments not only on his subjects but on a broad range of cultu...

Chasing Chariots: Proceedings of the First International Chariot Conference

The present work is the result of the First International Chariot Conference, jointly organised by the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo (NVIC) and the American University in Cairo (AUC) (30 November to 2 December 2012). The intention of the conference was to make a broad assessment of the current state of knowledge about chariots in Egypt and the Near East, and to provide a forum for discussion. A wide variety of papers are inc...

Hollywood Presents Jules Verne

"With his newest book Hollywood Presents Jules Verne: The Father of Science Fiction on Screen, Brian Taves combines his vast knowledge as a Verne scholar with his expertise as a film historian to provide a fascinating look at cinema based on the works of one of the most acclaimed authors of all time. Through exhaustive research, detailed descriptions, trenchant insights and evocative images, Mr. Taves takes us on an incredible journe...