The Formation of the Child in Early Modern Spain

'A very significant interdisciplinary collection of consistently high-caliber essays. Although it is focused on Spain, I believe that the approach and example of these essays will set the research agenda for studies of early modern childhood.' Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt, author of Religious Women in Golden Age Spain: The Permeable Cloister 'This collection provides a good overview of the current research on children and childhood in early...

The Course of Andean History (Dialogos)

The only comprehensive history of Andean South America from initial settlement to the present, this useful book focuses on Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, the four countries where the Andes have played a major role in shaping history. Although Henderson emphasizes the period since the winning of independence in 1825, he argues that the region’s republican history cannot be explained without a clear understanding of what happene...

Religion, Ethnicity and Contested Nationhood in the Former Ottoman Space

'...Above all else, this erudite book is articulate in substance and a real joy to read. One certainly hopes it will appeal to the wide readership it deserves. The structure and choice of contributors serve the editor's purpose to undermine the traditional Cowboys-and-Indians historiography  that has dominated studies of the Devlet-i Âliyye-i Osmâniyye since its ascent many centuries ago, and the true complexity and multi-layered nat...

Archaeology of Early Colonial Interaction at el Chorro de Maita, Cuba

“Shows how . . . identities were imposed, expropriated, and socially constructed by colonial influence and offers new insight to such studies and historical contexts. This book will be an enduring contribution for scholars of Cuban history and Caribbean archaeology alike.”―Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology In this volume—one of the first in English to examine and document an archaeological site in Cuba—Roberto Valcárcel Rojas...

Monuments to Absence: Cherokee Removal and the Contest over Southern Memory

Subtle, powerful, and riveting, Monuments to Absence delves into why and how the historical event of the Cherokee Trail of Tears is remembered in the South. Andrew Denson offers readers a fascinating, stimulating, and wide-ranging treatment of the role of Cherokee removal in southern memory that will set new directional courses in Native American studies and southern history.--Tiya Miles, author of Tales from the Haunted South Offers...

Libation : An Afrikan Ritual of Heritage in the Circle of Life

Dr. Nehusi provides one with a deep cultural understanding of an ancient Afrikan ritual that is still practiced (in diffrent forms) by AfriKan people throughout the globe! This is, undoubtedly, a masterly and monumental work on libation, an African ritual of heritage, that reflects the African world view from the earliest times until the present. In an admirably scholarly manner, the author tells the "lion's story" that amply explain...

Chosen Capital: The Jewish Encounter with American Capitalism

"The essays in Chosen Capital break new ground in the study of Jews and their relationship to American capitalism. The ideas and information presented in this exciting volume greatly expand our knowledge of a highly important, yet understudied, subject." "Fascinating. While each of the essays is scholarly and carefully researched, they are also most engrossing, make for enjoyable reading, and shed new light on the Jewish experience i...

The Lighthouse on Skerryvore

An amazing book - again how the Stevenson Family built Lighthouses in those days is just so hard to imagine. Meticulously researched yet written in the tone of an engaging conversation. The author is clearly fascinated by the subject matter, and once you start, you will be too.

Shrinking the Earth: The Rise and Decline of American Abundance

D. Worster's book presents an excellent holistic analysis of natural and societal driving forces which interactions basically caused the recent latent global environmental and societal crises. Worster's ideas reflects results of his long term research in the field of environmental and economic history of not only West of North America and its change from wilderness into "cultural landscape". His books is challenging all human beings ...

We Come for Good: Archaeology and Tribal Historic Preservation at the Seminole Tribe of Florida

"An important book. Highlights the complicated, confusing, and often contradictory world navigated by the intrepid personnel of the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s Tribal Historic Preservation Office." "A concise, detailed account regarding the enormity of the task THPOs face in successfully navigating the two worlds of federal historic preservation laws and statutes and tribal cultural beliefs, knowledge, and traditions."