Disjointed War: Military Operations in Kosovo, 1999

As the literature continues to grow on NATO's air strikes in Yugoslavia in 1999, Bruce R. Nardulli et al. add yet another useful study to the array of existing research... I know of no other work that so succinctly and comprehensively provides such a detailed overview of the Serbs' military capabilities... Disjointed War provides excellent coverage of the problems faced by Task Force Hawk. The logistical difficulties were considerabl...

An Introduction to the Ancient World, 3rd Edition

‘An Introduction to the Ancient World is an engaging and useful introductory text for students who are encountering the ancient Mediterranean and Near East for the first time. It is an excellent mix of erudition, concision and clarity that even advanced students and professionals will find valuable and suitable to their needs. Few introductory ancient history texts compare with An Introduction to the Ancient World, and none surpass i...

The Jewish Ghetto and the Visual Imagination of Early Modern Venice

'Katz's insistence on the verticality of the ghetto reminds us to evaluate the full significance of the three-dimensionality of the early modern built environment, which may be mentally flattened by factors such as our familiarity with early modern cartography. More broadly, this study highlights the importance, complexity and porosity of enclosure in the urban context. Above all, it prompts us to reflect on how architecture can fram...

Generation Stalin: French Writers, the Fatherland, and the Cult of Personality

"Andrew Sobanet's study of 'Generation Stalin' and the four writers he associates with the group, Henri Barbusse, Romain Rolland, Paul Eluard, and Louis Aragon, is, quite simply, magisterial. Written in lucid prose informed by meticulous and wide-ranging scholarship including archival material, books, essays, press items, and other relevant documents, the book provides an in-depth study of the rise of the Stalin cult in France."

Das christlich-koptische Agypten in arabischer Zeit (Teil 1: A-C): Eine Sammlung christlicher Statten in Agypten in arabischer

TAVO B volumes 1-6 are companions to two TAVO maps: B VI 15 (Egypt. Christianity up to the Arab Conquest [up to the 7th century]) and B VIII 5 (Egypt: Christianity in the Medieval and Modern Periods).The maps represent a collection of Christian sites in Egypt during Arab times, not including Alexandria, Cairo, the Apa-Mena monastery (Deir Abu Mina), the Sketis (Wadi Natrun) and the Sinai region.

Welfare Economics: An Interpretive History

Although it was an important specialization in economics in the mid-twentieth century, welfare economics has received less attention in the twenty-first century. This book explores the history of welfare economics, with a view to explaining its rise and subsequent decline. Drawing on both philosophy and economics, this book offers a new and original perspective on the history of welfare economics, starting with Pigou and charting the...

September Swoon: (Keystone Book)

Extremely well written book that shares some of the complexities of the socio-economic and racial issues of the early 60's. Great insight into how fans can affect the performance of professional athletes and organization, in general, which contributed to a fall from grace never seen before in Philadelphia sports history. Great read and highly recommend it for any baby boomer that followed the Phillies in the 1960s.

Twenty First Century Narrow Gauge : A Pictorial Journey

James Waite has been a skilled railway photographer for many years. In this book he has brought together photographs of many of the world’s steam-worked narrow gauge railways in the twenty-first century, concentrating mostly on views which show the scenery, both natural and man-made, through which they ran. They are accompanied by extended captions, the fruit of extensive research containing much historical information about the rail...