Eyewitness to War vol II: The US Army in Operation AL FAJR

Eyewitness to War: A US Army Oral History of Operation AL FAJR, is a unique publication. This study is a derivative of the CSI Operational Leadership Experience (OLE) project, a program that collects and archives first-person experiences from the Global War on Terror. The second battle for Fallujah in November 2004 was a brutal and bloody fight so characteristic of urban terrain. Under the overall command of the 1st Marine Division, ...

An Inca Account of the Conquest of Peru

"Bauer's annotated translation of the account provided by Titu Cusi (1538-1570) to defend his claim to royal Inca descent and to justify his opposition to the Spanish invaders makes available for the first time in English a full-length and highly accessible version of this important document. The account will help students and teachers of Latin American history and historians in general better understand the complex and incomplete pr...

The Railroad and the Pueblo Indians

"Richard Frost has given us a compelling case study of the powerful process of modernization—a story of corporate greed, theft, resistance struggles and cultural innovation. The book offers both a narrative of a region and an instructive account of Indian people surviving within the maelstrom of ‘progress.’ An invaluable contribution.” “The author’s experience with and deep understanding of Indian history and law, combined with detai...

Shot in Alabama

“Frances Robb has always had a meticulous and discerning eye when it comes to looking at photographs. We photographers value this eye in helping us understand the patterns and nuances of our images. Now everyone can have access to Robb’s marvelous eye within the pages of Shot in Alabama, a first-ever compilation of the evolving, hundred-year span of photography in Alabama. These vernacular images have subtle power equal to that of ma...

China: Its History and Culture

I bought this as a textbook for a college course on Eastern culture. I have since read and re-read the book, cover to cover and in fragments. No matter which way I approach reading this book, I feel like I learn something new each time! A wonderful addition to my library. John Ross, the author, writes of his personal travels zigzagging the island by foot, bicycle, train, etc. beginning with the massive earthquake of 1999. He uses his...

Fear of God and the Beginning of Wisdom (Divinations: Rereading Late Ancient Religion)

What is involved in the study of an ancient institution of learning? Quite a lot, actually. For starters: religion, philosophy, sociology and languages. The very use of the English word "school" immediately brings to our minds a whole set of expectations: buildings, teachers, students, subjects studied, etc. However, in order to understand the "School" of Nisibis, we need to set aside modern expectations and examine what ancient docu...

An Archaeology of Land Ownership

Within archaeological studies, land tenure has been mainly studied from the viewpoint of ownership. A host of studies has argued about land ownership on the basis of the simple co-existence of artefacts on the landscape; other studies have tended to extrapolate land ownership from more indirect means. Particularly noteworthy is the tendency to portray land ownership as the driving force behind the emergence of social complexity, a pr...

Great Feuds in History: Ten of the Liveliest Disputes Ever

The squabbles in these pages were for potatoes both big and small-the divine right of kings, say, or the Hatfield theft of a McCoy hog-yet they had staying power because they were balanced fights: The contestants fought at the same weight. Otherwise, the fighting would have been over before the first bell and if there is one thing that links these feuds together it is longevity. The author knows how to write a lively narrative, swift...

Honourable Intentions? (Routledge Research in Early Modern History)

"This path-breaking collection of essays extends the reach of comparative studies of colonial culture and governance. It provides an important intervention in practices of trans-regional scholarship, demonstrating how malleable ideas moved among both elites and commoners, creating material consequences that are mutually recognizable in spite of the great distance and different local circumstances that separate Australia and South Afr...

The Evolution of Culture

One of the major works of twentieth-century anthropological theory, written by one of the discipline’s most important, complex, and controversial figures. One of the major works of twentieth-century anthropological theory, written by one of the discipline’s most important, complex, and controversial figures, has not been in print for several years. Now Evolution of Culture is again available in paperback, allowing today’s generation ...