Why Haiti Needs New Narratives: A Post-quake Chronicle

Mainstream news coverage of the catastrophic earthquake of January 12, 2010, reproduced longstanding narratives of Haiti and stereotypes of Haitians. Cognizant that this Haiti, as it exists in the public sphere, is a rhetorically and graphically incarcerated one, the feminist anthropologist and performance artist Gina Athena Ulysse embarked on a writing spree that lasted over two years. As an ethnographer and a member of the diaspora...

The Cambridge History Of Latin America, Volume 3

A particularly commendable feature of this scholarly undertaking lies in the fact that the corps of historians who have contributed to these volumes have, in many cases, read one another's essays, and have commented critically and offered helpful suggestions as the project went forward. This has resulted in an optimum degree of competency and high level of scholarship. The material presented and the varying interpretaions offered com...

American Pain: How A Young Felon And His Ring Of Doctors Unleashed America’s Deadliest Drug Epidemic

The king of the Florida pill mills was American Pain, a mega-clinic expressly created to serve addicts posing as patients. From a fortress-like former bank building, American Pain’s doctors distributed massive quantities of oxycodone to hundreds of customers a day, mostly traffickers and addicts who came by the vanload. Inked muscle-heads ran the clinic’s security. Former strippers operated the pharmacy, counting out pills and stashi...

Dreamscapes Of Modernity: Sociotechnical Imaginaries And The Fabrication Of Power

Here is a volume that succeeds at the difficult task of treating all societies symmetrically, whether in the global north, south, east, and west. Through the lens of sociotechnical imaginaries the authors show us telling comparisons between Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The result is a convincing deconstruction of the standard image of modernization and an equally convincing plea to engage in constructive politics. This vol...

The American Slave Coast: A History Of The Slave-breeding Industry

This book introduces to the general reader something that only serious historians of the slavery era grasp: Not only were terrorized human beings bought and sold as if tradable property, but enslaved women were often compelled to have children and those children, regardless of how they came into being, were very often taken away from their parents and sold as property too. To steal people's life, liberty and labor is an abomination, ...

No Mission Is Impossible: The Death-defying Missions Of The Israeli Special Forces

A riveting follow-up to Michael Bar-Zohar and Nissim Mishal's account of the most memorable missions of the Mossad, No Mission is Impossible sheds light on some of the most harrowing, nail-biting operations of the Israeli Special forces Mossad: The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service brought to life the gripping, legendary missions of Israeli's national intelligence force like never before, capturing the danger of the ope...

Charging Against Wellington: The French Cavalry In The Peninsular War, 1807-1814

The book is divided into three sections. The first contains biographies of 80 generals who led the French cavalry, focusing on the time they served in the Peninsula and its impact on their careers. Two went on to become Marshals of France and many were promoted and given greater responsibilities. For others, their careers were damaged while serving in Spain or Portugal - nine were relieved from their commands. Nearly half of the gene...

Landscape And History Since 1500

Landscape and History explores a complex relationship over the past five centuries. The book is international and interdisciplinary in scope, drawing on material from social, economic and cultural history as well as from geography, archaeology, cultural geography, planning and landscape history. In recent years, as the author points out, there has been increasing interest in, and concern for, many aspects of landscape within British,...

The British Raid On Essex: The Forgotten Battle Of The War Of 1812

This is the dynamic account of one of the most destructive maritime actions to take place in Connecticut history: the 1814 British attack on the privateers of Pettipaug, known today as the British Raid on Essex. During the height of the War of 1812, 136 Royal marines and sailors made their way up the Connecticut River from warships anchored in Long Island Sound. Guided by a well-paid American traitor the British navigated the Saybroo...

Archaeology Coursebook; An Introduction To Study Skills, Topics And Methods

A superb introduction to anyone with a general interest in Archaeology. It serves as an excellent and invaluable companion text book to A level Archaeology students, and provides a valuable introductory read for students studying archaeology in higher education. This fully updated and revised edition of the best-selling title The Archaeology Coursebook is a guide for students studying archaeology for the first time. Including new met...