Battle Story: Battle Of The Bulge 1944-45

The story of one of the most decisive Allied victories of World War II Clear and concise, this account of the dramatic days at the end of 1944 is supported by a timeline of events and orders of battle. In December 1944 the German military made their final attempt to end World War II by throwing in all their reserves in a desperate effort to shatter the Allied lines. After breaking through the American-held sector in the Ardennes, two...

Der Westfälische Frieden

Der Westfälische Frieden wurde am 24. Oktober 1648 in Münster und Osnabrück geschlossen. Mit ihm wurde der Dreißigjährige Krieg beendet. Um kaum einen Frieden wurde so lange gerungen. Siegrid Westphal erzählt, wie es zu dem komplexen Vertragswerk kam, mit dem der Deutsche Kaiser Ferdinand III. und das Reich sich mit einerseits Schweden und andererseits Frankreich einigten, wie die Vereinbarungen durchgesetzt und empfunden wurden, und...

Escort Carrier Of The Second World War: Combustible, Vulnerable And Expendable!

To the US Navy they were CVEs! To the Royal Navy auxiliary carriers! To crews of endangered merchantmen in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans they were heaven-sent prot ection! To their crews they were Combustible, Vulnerable, Expendable! The need for air cover against enemy aircraft and submarines brought unprecedented demand for carriers.Over 100 vessels were converted on specially built for convoy duty. This is their story, warts and ...

The Kennedy Years

The youngest man elected to the office of the presidency, John F. Kennedy served as the 35th president of the United States until his assassination in 1963. With the immemorable words of his inaugural address, "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country," Kennedy began leading the nation on a quest for equal rights, national culture, and peace. From the unsolved mystery of his death to the rumors ...

The Court And Court Society In Ancient Monarchies

Monarchy was widespread as a political system in the ancient world. This volume offers a substantial discussion of ancient monarchies from the viewpoint of the ruler's court. The monarchies treated are Achaemenid and Sassanian Persia, the empire of Alexander, Rome under both the early and later Caesars, the Han rulers of China and Egypt's Eighteenth Dynasty. A comparative approach is adopted to major aspects of ancient courts, includ...

A History Of Rome Under The Emperors

A History of Rome Under the Emperors provides an authoritative survey of four centuries of Roman history, and a unique window on German thought in the last century. It caused a sensation when it was published in Germany in 1992, and was front page news in many newspapers. Now in an English paperback edition, this book represents the great lost work of Theodor Mommsen (d. 1903) -- one of the greatest Roman historians of the nineteenth...

Renaissance And Reformations: An Introduction To Early Modern English Literature

This volume offers a description of early modern habits of writing and reading, of publication and stage performance, and of political and religious writing. An introduction to early modern English literature for students and general readers. Considers the ways in which early modern writers construct the past, recover and adapt classical genres, write about people and places, and tackle religious and secular controversies. Illustrate...

Eliminating Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Prospects For Effective International Verification

The events of September 11th, 2001 altered the course of arms control intended to eliminate weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and made the role of international disarmament organizations controversial. Whether they can effectively verify compliance with the WMD treaty regime has been questioned by the United States. The study examines this by looking at the management of the three existing verification organizations--the Internationa...

In The Land Of Giants: Journeys Through The Dark Ages

The five centuries between the end of Roman Britain (410) and the death of Alfred the Great (899) have left few voices save a handful of chroniclers, but Britain's 'Dark Ages' can still be explored through their material remnants: buildings, books, metalwork, and, above all, landscapes. Max Adams explores Britain's lost early medieval past by walking its paths and exploring its lasting imprint on valley, hill and field. From York to ...

Roman Satire And The Old Comic Tradition

Quintilian famously claimed that satire was tota nostra, or totally ours, but this innovative volume demonstrates that many of Roman satire's most distinctive characteristics derived from ancient Greek Old Comedy. Jennifer L. Ferriss-Hill analyzes the writings of Lucilius, Horace, and Persius, highlighting the features that they crafted on the model of Aristophanes and his fellow poets: the authoritative yet compromised author; the s...