Life Beside Itself: Imagining Care In The Canadian Arctic

Stevenson explores how care in Inuit communities is like a raven, a spiritual force that binds the living and the dead in ways that are not always straightforward or obvious. In Life Beside Itself, Lisa Stevenson takes us on a haunting ethnographic journey through two historical moments when life for the Canadian Inuit has hung in the balance: the tuberculosis epidemic (1940s to the early 1960s) and the subsequent suicide epidemic (1...

Wir Haben Das Kz Überlebt – Zeitzeugen Berichten

Wer Überlebende des Holocaust trifft, spürt den Abgrund, der sie von anderen Menschen trennt. Sie waren in Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau. Sie haben unsägliches Leid erfahren. Der Tod war ihr ständiger Begleiter. 70 Jahre nach der Befreiung von Auschwitz gibt es nicht mehr viele Zeitzeugen. Umso wichtiger ist es, ihre Erfahrungen für die Nachwelt zu dokumentieren. Im Gedenken an die Toten, aber auch für den Frieden in der Zukunft. Dam...

Women In Pastoral Office: The Story Of Santa Prassede, Rome

Through a study of the church of Santa Prassede, Mary M. Schaefer offers a compelling examination of the ''golden ages'' for women active in ecclesial ministries, critically measuring feminist claims and providing evidence contrary to the official Roman position that women have never been ordained in the Catholic Church. The ninth-century church of Santa Prassede has been studied intensively in recent years, yet no scholar has yet re...

Die Weimarer Republik: Deutschlands Erste Demokratie

Eine Epoche der Extreme - Glanz und Elend der ersten deutschen Demokratie Am 9. November 1918 rief SPD-Politiker Philipp Scheidemann vom Balkon des Berliner Reichstags den aufgewühlten Massen zu: »Die Hohenzollern haben abgedankt! Es lebe die deutsche Republik!« Eine neue Ära hatte begonnen: Zum ersten Mal in der Geschichte wurden die Deutschen demokratisch regiert, Frauen erhielten das Wahlrecht, Arbeiter den Acht-Stunden-Tag. SPIEG...

Not In Your Lifetime: The Assassination Of Jfk

It might not be in your lifetime', said the Chief Justice of the United States when asked whether the files on the assassination of President Kennedy would be made public. If the President was killed by a lone gunman, as the first official enquiry claimed, why can we still not see all relevant records?   Fifty years on and the murder of the century remains unsolved. Drawing on thirty years of investigation, Anthony Summers exami...

Unequal Freedoms: Ethnicity, Race, And White Supremacy In Civil War–era Charleston

During the latter half of the nineteenth century, German and Irish immigrants were as central to the development of the political economy of Charleston, South Carolina, as white southerners and African Americans. As artisans and entrepreneurs, foreigners occupied a middle tier in the racial and ethnic hierarchy of the SouthAEs most economically and politically important city. As agents of change, they provided a buffer, alleviating t...

The Third Reich In History And Memory

"Evans' careful discussion serves as a reminder of the naiveté of thinking that dictators have no popular support in the countries they control, or that removing them is easy. But he also shows how unfair it is to assume that everyone (or even the majority of people) in a dictatorship is responsible for the regimes' actions. Collective guilt and collective innocence are appealing myths, but the realities of power are much messier." -...

Blood Of The Celts: The New Ancestral Story

The heritage of the Celts turns up from Portugal to Romania, from Scotland to Spain. Yet debate continues about who exactly were the Celts, where ultimately they came from, and whether the modern Celtic-speakers of the British Isles and Brittany are related to the Continental Celts we know from ancient history. So a fresh approach is needed. Blood of the Celts meets this challenge, pulling together evidence from genetics, archaeology...

Der Erste Weltkrieg Und Das Ende Der Habsburgermonarchie 1914-1918

Das Standardwerk des renommierten Historikers Manfried Rauchensteiner zum Ersten Weltkrieg liegt nach gemeinsamer Überarbeitung mit dem Journalisten Josef Broukal jetzt auch in komprimierter Form vor: für den raschen Überblick, verständlich geschrieben und spannend zu lesen. Mit Kartenmaterial und Chronik. Dieses eBook ist unter wissenschaftlichen Gesichtspunkten zitierfähig und enthält Interaktionen: Anmerkungen und Registereinträge...

Nelson’s Band Of Brothers Lives And Memorials

Capt. Peter Hore, RN, now retired, is a former Head of Defence Studies for the Royal Navy. He is the author of numerous books, and is currently the associate editor of Warships: International Fleet Review. He is also a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and Vice President of the Royal naval Museum. He recently edited Dreadnought to Daring. While there is a perennial interest in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic wars and in Nel...