Arminius The Liberator: Myth And Ideology

Arminius the Liberator deals with the complex modern reception of Arminius the Cheruscan, commonly called Hermann. Arminius inflicted one of their most devastating defeats on the Romans in the year 9 A.D. by annihilating three legions under the command of Quintilius Varus in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, as it is generally if inaccurately called. This book traces the origin of the Arminius myth in antiquity and its political, a...

Fifty Years Of Justice: A History Of The U.s. Court For The Middle District Of Florida

The verdicts have made headlines, but little is known about the inner workings of the court in which they were delivered. In Fifty Years of Justice, James Denham presents the fascinating history of the U.S. Middle District Court of Florida from its founding in 1962 to the present. Readers will discover the intricacies of rulings, the criminal defendants and civil litigants, and the dedicated officials—the unsung heroes—who keep the j...

Representing Auschwitz: At The Margins Of Testimony

The Holocaust is often described as beyond representation. Drawing on interdisciplinary perspectives, this ground-breaking collection of essays by leading international scholars takes the Scrolls of Auschwitz as its starting point. These powerful hand-written testimonies, which were buried in the grounds of the crematoria at Birkenau in 1944, seek to bear witness to mass murder from at its core. The accounts, which are often marginal...

The Lost History Of Christianity

The Lost History of Christianity by Philip Jenkins offers a revolutionary view of the history of the Christian church. Subtitled “The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia—and How It Died,” it explores the extinction of the earliest, most influential Christian churches of China, India, and the Middle East, which held the closest historical links to Jesus and were the dominant expression of Christ...

Contrary Destinies: A Century Of America’s Occupation, Deoccupation, And Reoccupation Of Haiti

Provides a wealth of information about the nature of American occupations in Haiti that can be useful to Latin American historians and political scientists interested in international relations between the United States and other countries in the region In 1915, United States Marines arrived in Haiti to safeguard lives and property from the political instability of the time. While there, the Marine Corps controlled everything from fi...

Themistius, Julian, And Greek Political Theory Under Rome: Texts, Translations, And Studies Of Four Key Works

Themistius' close relationship with Christian emperors from Constantius to Theodosius makes him one of the most important political thinkers and politicians of the later fourth century, and his dealings with Julian the Apostate have recently attracted much speculation. This volume presents a new critical edition, translation and analysis of Themistius' Letter to Julian about kingship and government, which survives mainly in Arabic, t...

Entangling Migration History: Borderlands And Transnationalism In The United States And Canada

For almost two centuries North America has been a major destination for international migrants, but from the late nineteenth century onward, governments began to regulate borders, set immigration quotas, and define categories of citizenship. To highlight the complexities of migration, the contributors to this volume focus on people born in the United States and Canada who migrated to the other country, as well as Japanese, Chinese, G...

Life Beside Itself: Imagining Care In The Canadian Arctic

Stevenson explores how care in Inuit communities is like a raven, a spiritual force that binds the living and the dead in ways that are not always straightforward or obvious. In Life Beside Itself, Lisa Stevenson takes us on a haunting ethnographic journey through two historical moments when life for the Canadian Inuit has hung in the balance: the tuberculosis epidemic (1940s to the early 1960s) and the subsequent suicide epidemic (1...

Wir Haben Das Kz Überlebt – Zeitzeugen Berichten

Wer Überlebende des Holocaust trifft, spürt den Abgrund, der sie von anderen Menschen trennt. Sie waren in Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau. Sie haben unsägliches Leid erfahren. Der Tod war ihr ständiger Begleiter. 70 Jahre nach der Befreiung von Auschwitz gibt es nicht mehr viele Zeitzeugen. Umso wichtiger ist es, ihre Erfahrungen für die Nachwelt zu dokumentieren. Im Gedenken an die Toten, aber auch für den Frieden in der Zukunft. Dam...

Women In Pastoral Office: The Story Of Santa Prassede, Rome

Through a study of the church of Santa Prassede, Mary M. Schaefer offers a compelling examination of the ''golden ages'' for women active in ecclesial ministries, critically measuring feminist claims and providing evidence contrary to the official Roman position that women have never been ordained in the Catholic Church. The ninth-century church of Santa Prassede has been studied intensively in recent years, yet no scholar has yet re...