Arthur Miller's America: Theater and Culture in a Time of Change

Perspectives on America's greatest living playwright that explore his longstanding commitment to forging a uniquely American theater Arthur Miller's America collects new writing by leading international critics and scholars that considers the dramatic world of icon, activist, and playwright Arthur Miller's theater as it reflects the changing moral equations of his time. Written on the occasion of Miller's 85th year, the original essa...

Biogeochemical Approaches to Paleodietary Analysis

Thisvolume is the fifthi n the Advances in Archaeological and Museum Science series by the Society for Archaeological Sciences (SAS). The purpose of this series is top rovide summaries of advances in various topics in archaeometry, archaeological science, environmental archaeology, preservation technology, and museumconservation. The SAS exists to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between archaeologistsand colleaguesi n the n...

Sandals, shoes and other leatherwork from the Coptic Monastery Deir el-Bachit

The Coptic monastery and cemetery Deir el-Bachit stands on the hilltop of Dra' Abu el-Naga, the well-known necropolis in Qurna (West Bank, Luxor). It is the largest Coptic monastery complex preserved in Western Thebes and the first monastery that has been systematically investigated. The excavation of the monastery was started as a DFG-Project des Ägyptologischen Instituts der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Muenchen in close collabor...

Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland

One summer day in 1941, half of the Polish town of Jedwabne murdered the other half, 1,600 men, women, and children, all but seven of the town's Jews. Neighbors tells their story. This is a shocking, brutal story that has never before been told. It is the most important study of Polish-Jewish relations to be published in decades and should become a classic of Holocaust literature. Jan Gross pieces together eyewitness accounts and oth...

The Tennessee Campaign of 1864

When the Union Army of General Sherman took Atlanta in September 1864, the Confederate forces in the region were left with few options. Newly appointed Confederate commander General Hood took a long gamble that an invasion of Tennessee might cause Sherman to relinquish Atlanta in order to protect his supply lines. General Sherman in turn took his own gamble, abandoning Atlanta and dividing his army.. "Nashville 1864" is an Osprey Cam...

Oatmeal and the Catechism: Scottish Gaelic Settlers in Quebec

Oatmeal and the Catechism: Scottish Gaelic Settlers in Quebec My grandparents came to Canada in the late 1800s from Lewis, Scotland. When I saw this book title, I was hoping for information about life in those early days. I was absolutely thrilled to discover the book included the story of my gandmother and her sister, their journey from Scotland, and their life in Canada. I have communicated with the author, and hope to meet her som...

Early US Armor: Tanks 1916-1940 (Osprey New Vanguard 245)

In the beginning, the American Expeditionary Force showed up late to a First World War where tanks were already in combat use. The AEF trained with French tanks while the home front attempted to develop U.S. models. The war ended before the U.S. Army actually fielded large numbers of its own tanks, but this story wasn't over... "Early US Armor" is an Osprey New Vanguard Series book, well-authored by Steve Zaloga. It captures the star...

Russia's First Modern Jews: The Jews of Shklov (Great Lakes Books)

Long before there were Jewish communities in the land of the tsars, Jews inhabited a region which they called medinat rusiya, the land of Russia. Prior to its annexation by Russia, the land of Russia was not a center of rabbinic culture. But in 1772, with its annexation by Tsarist Russia, this remote region was severed from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; its 65,000 Jews were thus cut off from the heartland of Jewish life in East...

World War II Infantry Fire Support Tactics (Osprey Elite 214)

"This is an interesting book, and it covers a lot more than just the tactics used in assaults. The unit level examined is the platoon, justifiably so since most attacks were basically combinations of platoon assaults at levels from company upward... Period photographs are accompanied by sketch maps of typical assaults and by good colour plates of the main demolition materials and of typical attacks. Highly recommended." -John Prigent...

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Scotland Farewell: The People of the Hector

This is the story of the Highland Scots who sailed to Pictou, Nova Scotia, in 1773 aboard the brig Hector. These intrepid emigrants came for many reasons: the famine of the previous spring, pressures of population growth, intolerable rent increases, trouble with the law, the hunger of landless men to own land of their own. Upon arrival at Pictou, after an appalling storm-tossed crossing, they found they had been deceived. The promise...