Honourable Intentions? (Routledge Research in Early Modern History)

"This path-breaking collection of essays extends the reach of comparative studies of colonial culture and governance. It provides an important intervention in practices of trans-regional scholarship, demonstrating how malleable ideas moved among both elites and commoners, creating material consequences that are mutually recognizable in spite of the great distance and different local circumstances that separate Australia and South Afr...

The Evolution of Culture

One of the major works of twentieth-century anthropological theory, written by one of the discipline’s most important, complex, and controversial figures. One of the major works of twentieth-century anthropological theory, written by one of the discipline’s most important, complex, and controversial figures, has not been in print for several years. Now Evolution of Culture is again available in paperback, allowing today’s generation ...

Body and Soul: A Sympathetic History of American Spiritualism

Much of the strength of Body and Soul comes from its breadth of vision. It situates Spiritualist phenomena within wide social and intellectual frameworks; in particular, it makes a subtle case for the importance of sympathy as a social, moral, occult, and physiological construct that profoundly shapes the movement, its affinities and limits. The book is also strong in the details, many of which are startlingly revealing of the divers...

Barbarism and Its Discontents

"What is innovative is Boletsi's analysis of what she calls a 'positive barbarism', which she unfolds in the latter part of the book . . . Her analysis of 'positive barbarism' operates on several interdependent levels . . . Boletsi has done a good deal of work and innovative thinking about the changing face of barbarism in modern life. Many will find, as I did, that her analysis sheds light on problems that inform their own work . . ...

After La Dolce Vita: A Cultural Prehistory of Berlusconi's Italy

"There is no sweetness, lightness, weakness, or softness in Ricciardi's indictment, but hard facts and bitter truths piled up to heavy conclusions: Italy's intellectual life is the very culprit of a historical process of progressive civic and social degeneration that has led to the catastrophe that many have called Berlusconi's Italy. A very courageous book."

¡Basta de historias!

This is the book that every educator should have in their hands. This book has allowed me to understand how a country can improve the lives of its citizens just give them the best education. Our Latin American politicians should read this book mandatory. Excellent analysis and solutions offered of one of the main causes for Latin America's lack of forward movement in this twenty first century. If this book does not motivate people to...

Diodorus Siculus and the World of the Late Roman Republic

"This detailed reading of the first three books of Diodorus's Bibliotheke shows how even his presentation of non-Greek mythology and ethnography-the 'ancient barbarians' and their culture-bringers, mythical history, and deification of mortals-bears the stamp of the political and intellectual currents of the late Roman Republic. Muntz follows Diodorus from the origins of the world to the triumph and downfall of Julius Caesar, and he o...

The Comanche

The Comanche are a fascinating people with an intriguing history. Settling on the South Plains of the United States on what would become known as the Comancheria, the Comanche trace their tribal origins to a Bering Strait migration and a union with the Shoshone. Earning a reputation as the fiercest of fighters, the greatest of horse riders, and the "Lords of the Plains," these people ruled the Comancheria for a 150-year period, strik...

Tangible Things: Making History through Objects

"A highly successful synthesis of interdisciplinary scholarship about museums and knowledge, this book provides a methodological approach that, if adopted by museum professionals and scholars, would revitalize the use of museum collections in exhibition practices."The book ultimately makes it tantalizingly clear that the material world is now, more than ever, in need of analysis "I would recommend this book for courses in public hist...

Assimilated Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1940-1943

The author, K. Person has written an in depth book on a certain group of Jews. This group of people were assimilated, acculturated, and baptized Jews. They formed a group of their own unwilling to be part of the Jewish community and unable to merge with the Polish. In 1940 when the Warsaw ghetto was closed, their identity was chose for them. Person tells us about the politics of living in the ghetto. Assimilated Jews had a better lif...