Alexandria: A Cultural and Religious Melting Pot

"Alexandria: A Cultural and Religious Melting Pot is an excellent collection of papers. The theoretical and methodological sophistication that characterises them is especially welcome. ..the volume is a welcome addition to Alexandrian scholarship that will interest scholars interested in the history of the Ptolemaic and Roman city." --Stanley M. Burstein, East & West, vol. 12, 2013

The Origin of Ashkenazi Jewry: The Controversy Unraveled

Historically, it is thought that Jews did not marry non-Jews, and they never converted non-Jews into Judaism. Then how is that after 2,000 years of diaspora, they have different physical features? Jews could be of European origin, Moroccan, Indian, or Ethiopian origin. Did they originate from the ancient Israel? This book goes into the roots of Judaism and interprets the results of genetic archeology from historical perspectives and ...

Singapore and the Silk Road of the Sea, 1300–1800

This book deserves a much wider audience than may be attracted by its title. The history of Singapore from 1300-1800 is indeed fascinating, and until recently under-appreciated: that this is now changing is in large part due to Prof Miksic. Local textbooks have been changed since publication of this book, to take account of a 700 rather than 200 year history and an earlier golden age. However, the book also offers the best account to...

Blaxploitation Films of the 1970s: Blackness and Genre

During the early years of the motion picture industry, black performers were often depicted as shuckin’ and jivin’ caricatures. Specifically, black males were portrayed as toms, coons and bucks, while the mammy and tragic mulatto archetypes circumscribed black femininity. This misrepresentation began to change in the 1950s and 1960s when performers such as Dorothy Dandridge and Sidney Poitier were cast in more positive roles. These p...

Bakhtin and the Classics (Rethinking Theory)

"An extraordinarily rich collection. It will be indispensable to classicists interested in Bakhtin's theories and approach as well as to literary critics and students of ancient literature generally. It is first-rate, and there is nothing else like it available."

Before Jackie Robinson : The Transcendent Role of Black Sporting Pioneers

"Gerald Gems has brought together the experiences of twelve African American athletes who broke down barriers and participated in sports in which they excelled. The authors provide readers with information about both well- and little-known African American athletes who triumphed over anti-black racism, served as examples for those who followed, and contributed to the complex narrative of sport in US history."

The Seminole (The History and Culture of Native Americans)

The Florida Seminole are widely known as the only unconquered tribe in the United States. They began as an offshoot of Creek and other Indians who survived the diseases and warfare that took so many lives in the 16th century. In later years, they fought three wars with the United States and then faced a series of other crises. They saw their homelands taken from them and were forced to migrate hundreds of miles south to the Everglade...

Disputation by Decree (Studies in Medieval & Reformation Traditions)

Prevailing scholarly analysis of the public disputations between D.V. Coornhert (1522-1590) and Dutch Reformed ministers is firmly rooted in a principled view of early modern tolerance. This study proposes a new point of departure, which involves breaking away from a Coornhert-centred reading of the debates in Leiden and the Hague, while focusing on the formal status of these disputations instead. Government support of the Reformed C...

The Women of Colonial Latin America

"Tracing the history of Latin American women from 1492 until the independence era in the early nineteenth century might seem like a daunting task for writer and reader alike, but Socolow displays a striking ability to cut to the heart of the matter. In clear, concise prose she outlines major historical developments, notes exceptions and counter tendencies, and gives intriguing examples." In this second edition of her acclaimed volume...

Hostile Shores: Catastrophic Events in Prehistoric New Zealand and Their Impact on Maori Coastal Communities

For a tour leader in New Zealand like myself I found this book invaluable. Certainly thought-provoking , it helps explain many anomalies if the early Maori record, both oral and archaeological. It sheds new light on why there was a demise in building the great ocean-going canoes and also gives a credence to the Maori story of the Takitumu canoe being forced ashore & becoming the Takitumu Mountains - there is always a modicum of t...