The Spanish on the Northwest Coast: For Glory, God and Gain

They endured the torments of scurvy and the vagaries of deep fogs, adverse winds, and contrary currents. They suffered through appalling quarters and rotting food. They spent years away from their homes and families, never knowing whether they would return. Their orders from Spain might well arrive long after they were needed, six months or longer into the journey. For more than two centuries, Spaniards ranged the coast of the Americ...

Stalin's Singing Spy : The Life and Exile of Nadezhda Plevitskaya

Stalin's Singing Spy follows the remarkable life of Nadezhda Plevitskaya, a Russian peasant girl who achieved fame as one of Tsar Nicholas II's favorite singers and infamy as one of Stalin's agents. Pamela A. Jordan traces Plevitskaya's life from her childhood in an isolated village to national stardom. She always declared that she was foremost an artist who sang for all people, regardless of their ideological leanings or socioeconom...

Inside An Loc : The Battle to Save Saigon, April-May 1972

The Battle of An Loc was one of the bloodiest battles in the Vietnam War and a defining moment in the history of the Republic of South Vietnam. A few square blocks tucked among vast rubber tree plantations, the provincial town was thought to be of little strategic value to the North Vietnamese. Yet for 66 days in 1972, it was the scene of savage house-to-house street fighting as artillery and mortar fire pounded the town daily until ...

At the Heart of the Reich: The Secret Diary of Hitler's Army Adjutant

'Vivid, personal and fascinating.' Simon Sebag Montefiore. Gerhard Engel was Hitler's Army Adjutant from March 1938 to March 1943. During this time he kept a diary, and after the war he added material to shed further light on key events and decisions.He discloses the decision-making process behind many of the key operations and addresses the intrigues within Hitler's inner circle, recounting the Fuhrer's conversations with Halder, Gu...

South Sudan: A Slow Liberation

In 2011, after a lengthy struggle, South Sudan became the world’s youngest independent nation. The area and its people had endured a brutal colonial conquest followed by a century of deliberate government neglect and racial oppression. Sudan’s war of liberation—although victorious—resulted in many negative economic consequences, especially in rural areas dependent upon humanitarian aid. The violent aftermath of independence has resul...

Operation LUSTY : The Race for Hitler's Secret Technology

Graham Simons has been granted access to a staggering archive; a wealth of fascinating documentation that has never before seen the light of day. Category 1, top secret documents, prepared by the Director of Technical Services at Wright Field in 1945, feature lists of aircraft, radar equipment, and other military and aviation accessories that the United States and the Allies lusted after in the dying days of The Second World War and ...

Virgile ou la seconde naissance de Rome

Virgile est né près de Mantoue, le 15 octobre, en l'an 70 av. J.-C. On sait peu de choses du détail de sa vie, mais on a pu en reconstituer les grandes lignes - depuis sa jeunesse, durant laquelle il apprit à observer la nature et la vie animale, jusqu'à sa mort à Brindes (19 av. J.-C.), alors qu'il était le favori d'Auguste. Il reste son œuvre : les Bucoliques (hymne à la nature et au labeur humain), les Géorgiques (poèmes de la con...

Fifty Years in Sing Sing : A Personal Account, 1879–1929

Written more than eighty years ago, Fifty Years in Sing Sing is the personal account of Alfred Conyes (1852–1931), who worked as a prison guard and then keeper at Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, New York, from 1879 to 1929. This unpublished memoir, dated 1930, was found among his granddaughter’s estate by his great-granddaughter Penelope Kay Jarrett. Near the end of his life, Conyes told his story to family member Alfred Van Buren Jr.,...

La genesi del Mein Kampf (eNewton Saggistica)

Quando si parla dell’ascesa al potere di Hitler in Germania, è importante ricordare che è esistito il 1924. Quello è l’anno in cui Hitler si è definitivamente trasformato in salvatore della patria e leader indiscusso, e ha cominciato a interpretare e distorcere la tradizione storica della Germania per sostenere la sua idea del Terzo Reich. Tutto ciò che è venuto in seguito – lo sviluppo di un’idea incredibilmente malvagia – ha origin...

Le fromage et les vers : L'univers d'un meunier du XVIe siècle

Le Fromage et les vers a révélé, en 1980, Carlo Ginzburg qui présentait ainsi son travail : " le livre raconte l'histoire d'un meunier du Frioul (Italie), Domenico Scandella dit Menocchio, qui mourut brûlé sur l'ordre du Saint-Office. Les dossiers des deux procès tenus contre lui à quinze ans de distance nous livrent un riche tableau de ses pensées et de ses sentiments, de ses rêveries et de ses aspirations. Nous disposons de pages é...