The Everything Grow Your Own Vegetables Book

Vine-ripened tomatoes. Succulent squash. Plump cucumbers. Growing vegetables is a rewarding and cost-effective way to eat better for less. Yet many don't know where to start. Author and farmer Catherine Abbott answers questions like: What is the best way to maximize my garden space? How do I get started growing food to sustain my family? Can I grow vegetables inside my house? How can I tell if my vegetables are primed for eating? Wil...

The Colorado Gardener's Companion, 2nd Edition

The Colorado Gardener’s Companion is your guide to cultivating a successful garden in the Centennial State. Whether you are an experienced green thumb or an inquiring novice, whether you live in the mountains, on the Western Slope, along the Front Range, or on the eastern plains, this easy-to-understand guide will help you grow bountiful vegetables, abundant flowers, and lush lawns. You will learn:What’s in your Colorado soil and how...

La défonceuse - Mode d'emploi

Outil polyvalent par excellence, maniable et peu encombrant, la défonceuse permet de travailler le bois comme un professionnel. Tout en se substituant à certains outils traditionnels, elle offre aussi de nouvelles applications puisqu'on peut presque tout lui demander : assemblages, moulures, rainures, feuillures, mortaises, tenons, etc. De surcroît - les mains étant éloignées de l'outil de coupe - les risques sont moindres qu'avec d'...

Artful Improv: Explore Color Recipes, Building Blocks & Free-Motion Quilting

Learn simple design principles to create unique improvisational quilts. Without using patterns, learn 5 easy piecing techniques for your improvisational toolbox (including circles, blocks, and strips), and watch the art unfold before your eyes. Focus on color combos and negative space to discover your personal style, and then add dazzling texture with free-motion quilting. Includes tips to hang finished art quilts without a sleeve, p...

Making Games in Wood

Instructions for making and playing unusual and colorful games which can be enjoyed solo, with groups, or even as wall hangings.

Piecing Makeover: Simple Tricks to Fine-Tune Your Patchwork a Guide to Diagnosing & Solving Common Problems

Perfect your patchwork with a visual, step-by-step guide to 21 popular quilt blocks. Learn fail-proof techniques that can be used in all types of quilt designs, from traditional to modern. Say goodbye to patchwork problems like mismatched seams, blunt points, and too-small blocks, and avoid common mistakes in sashings, borders, and bindings. Though mistakes happen to all of us, these easy techniques will help beginning and intermedia...

The Spinner's Book of Fleece

The characteristics of fleece — its structure, grease content, and fiber diameter — vary widely depending on the breed of sheep the fleece comes from. In this comprehensive guide, Beth Smith profiles 21 types of fleece, from bouncy and pliant to lacy and lightweight. A sheep-by-sheep reference describes the best way to wash and spin each fleece into rich, soft yarn. You’ll soon be confidently choosing the right fleece, spinning it to...

Stone Building: How to Make New England Style Walls and Other Structures the Old Way

A practical guide to simple stone building projects for your yard Nothing matches the look and feel of stone structures in and around your home. Yet most people are intimidated by the very thought of masonry, despite the obvious rewards. In Stone Building, Kevin Gardner distills his decades of experience building and maintaining iconic New England–style stone walls into this concise, informative guide. Gardner offers step-by-step ins...

Wintergarten selbst planen und bauen: Das Buch, das zeigt wie es geht

Sie wollen Geld sparen und sich einen Wintergarten selbst planen und bauen? Dann haben Sie mit diesem Buch die richtige Entscheidung getroffen. Einen Wintergarten zu planen und zu bauen muss kein Zauberkunststück sein. Mit etwas Vorstellungskraft, handwerklichem Geschick und dem üblichen Handwerkszeug bauen Sie sich Ihren Wintergarten selbst. Auch wenn Sie alles lieber einem Fachmann überlassen wollen, wird Ihnen das Buch viele Voren...

Making Authentic Country Furniture

This outstanding work provides furniture makers and woodworkers with the principal antique country furniture designs used in North America during the past 400 years. Concerned only with provincial handmade designs — generally of simple solid-wood construction — John Shea's carefully researched and abundantly illustrated volume includes 95 measured drawings from which serious students and craftworkers can reproduce their own versions ...