Handguns 2007

Handguns for sport and personal protection are among the most popular segment of the firearms industry. For handgun enthusiasts the allure of new models, updated customizing information and up-to-date retail values adds to the fascination of buying and shooting handguns. "Handguns 2007" is the one definitive, single-volume source for everything handgun owners need and want to know about handguns. This essential handgunner's guide is ...

Discover Torch Enameling: Get Started with 25 Sure-Fire Jewelry Projects

After teaching this technique successfully for years, Steven is introducing all-new projects in this book. In a series of 25 small projects (pendants and beads), Steven will explore creating structural metal work (such as hinges) and applying enamel effects such as faux raku. Simple techniques include sawing/cutting/punching; dapping; riveting; lashing; soldering; and enameling. All these techniques are simplified and the only torch ...

The Backpacker's Handbook, 4th Edition

What you need to know before you hit the trails Whether you are backpacking for the first time or a veteran follower of the trails, this enormously practical guide includes everything you need to know, from essential techniques such as map and compass work to the skills needed for more remote wilderness journeys. The Backpacker's Handbook also gives you the latest information on gear. You'll find the last word on: How to choose packs...

Beginning Beekeeping: Everything You Need to Make Your Hive Thrive!

Beginning Beekeeping is a simple, straightforward approach that gives you the basics to get started with beekeeping, while following a balanced, objective approach that weighs the pros and cons of conventional and organic methodologies. Featuring more than 120 beautiful color photos, this guide will help you will learn how to foster and maintain healthy, vibrant hive colonies, as well as to incorporate the various techniques and prac...

Solar Power Your Home For Dummies

Want to take advantage of solar power in your home? Whether you’re looking to save on your energy costs by adding a few solar components or you want to build a solar-powered house from the ground up, Solar Power For Dummies takes the mystery out of this energy source and shows you how to put it to work for you! This friendly, hands-on guide is packed with tips for making your home more energy-efficient though solar power—and helping ...

Texas Organic Gardening

Howard Garrett uses his years of experience as an organic gardening expert to give you clear-cut, step-by-step instructions for growing flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and grasses the natural way. Discover how easy it is to grow healthy, beautiful plants without the risk to your family, pets, and the environment.

Das Blitzbuch: Spannende Fotos mit nur einem Blitz

Soll man nicht lieber auf den Blitz verzichten und stattdessen mit ISO auf Anschlag fotografieren? Ja und nein! In diesem Buch lernen Sie zunächst wichtige Begriffe und Funktionen der Blitztechnik kennen und praktisch einzusetzen: das Blitzen mit kurzer und langer Verschlusszeit, die Verschlusssynchronisation auf den 2. Vorhang und vieles mehr. Michael Nagel holt Sie dort ab, wo Sie sich fotografisch befinden, und nimmt Sie mit in di...

Stitch It for Fall: Seasonal Sewing Projects to Craft & Quilt

A gorgeous collection of Spring-themed quilting and stitching designs from top fabric designer Lynette Anderson, including table runners, wall hangings and larger quilts, as well as smaller, quick-to-stitch gifts, all featuring Lynette's new fabric range from Lecien. Beautiful fabrics, fresh colours and cute designs are enhanced by a book design that captures Lynette’s heart-warming, quirky style.

The Gun Digest Book of Rimfire Rifles Assembly/Disassembly

Shooters, gunsmiths, and collectors alike will find the revised version of Gun Digest's Book of Rimfire Rifles Assembly/Disassembly a practical reference for disassembling and reassembling a variety of rimfire rifles. Step-by-step high-resolution photography and clear, simple text makes it easy to disassemble an reassemble a wide-range of modern and vintage models. Kevin Murumatsu has over 40 years of gunsmithing experience and it sh...

Amigurumis, nos tout petits amis : Toute une ribambelle à crocheter

Venus tout droit du Japon, les amigurumis sont ces minuscules personnages ou animaux en crochet, qui deviendront vite d'inséparables compagnons ! Telle une ribambelle de petites créatures sympathiques, ils sont doux, gentils, parfois espiègles, et vous aideront à garder le sourire… Inspirez-vous de ceux présentés dans ce livre, et déclinez à l'infini lions, ours, chouette, singe, lapin, éléphant ou chien saucisse, en un temps record....