Puzzles for Pleasure

This is not a book for passing the time on the train! Some of these problems are real tough nuts to crack. This guy must have one hell of an IQ 'cos I got a first in maths and some beat me. It's not that the maths needed is difficult, it isn't (grammar school algebra at most). It's just that the way of looking at them requires a particularly visual mind. I'm thinking mainly about the Advanced Puzzles some of which were beyond me (unt...

Life Coaching For Dummies

This book covered many different areas from personal development, goal setting, to giving me the basics of how to develop this into a business and take my passion for working with others to a new level. Good text to assist one to examine facets of their life that they have minimized or have overlooked . A great book if you are in any type of transition in your career, relationships or life changing event. Not a step by step plan. Tex...

Exploring the Outdoors with Indian Secrets

Enjoyed this book throughly. If interested in native american approach to woodsman ship, a great read. Well written with personal experience to back everything he has to say. Good job. Indian secrets on tracking through forest growth, stalking wildlife, and seeing without being seen.

A Plethora of Polyhedra in Origami

Welcome to the mysterious realm of polyhedra in origami. Join origami master John Montroll as he takes you on an exploration into the secrets of folding these beautiful shapes, using only a single square sheet of paper for each. Using remarkably innovative techniques, you can create your own seemingly impossible polyhedra. This revised edition includes four new models and more efficient folding procedures for several of the other des...

The Old Farmer's Almanac 2018

We always buy this version of the Old Farmer's Almanac each year. Part of that reason is that my dad who was a farmer, and my older brother is is a farmer, always bought one when the New Year started. I don't farm, but I do like reading the articles in these almanacs. I also like knowing the weather forecast for my region. The amazing thing is that the long-range forecast for the year is never wrong! If the Farmer's Almanac says you'...

Le Guide Pratique du Jardinage

Pour tous ceux qui aiment le jardinage. Voici un Livre simple et très beau, de Peter McHoy "un ouvrage de référence". 950 photographies originales. 236 p Techniques de base : plantation, taille, multiplication pour arbustre-arbre-plante fleurie-légume-fruit-plante aromatique.

Chainsaw Operation

Chainsaw Operation is a practical guide to safe work technique for chainsaw operators. The introductory chapter provides an overview of chainsaw development through the years. As such, there are a number of old illustrations. Further, this chapter offers advice on the selection of present day chainsaws. To this end, it is supported by a table of specifications for a number of professional type chainsaws. The book makes a point to dis...

HomeSpace: Changing the Space You Have into the Home You Love

Nothing wrong with Ikea, and I'm happy to see Darren admit that he's used some of their products. The problem with this book is that even in some of the most expensive homes illustrated here - everything in the interior design looks like it comes from that same source. Obviously it doesn't, but all the rooms look the same. And what about that curtain rail??

Finish Carpentry: A Complete Interior & Exterior Guide

“Spence brings a fresh perspective to familiar subject matter by treating it in a way that stresses professional craftsmanship....He opens with sections on tools and safety before moving on to a subject-by-subject treatment of interior and exterior finish work. A whopping 650 detailed drawings and...photographs make it simple.”—Journal of Light Construction.