Knit Socks for All Seasons

As the seasons change, nature inspires beautiful shapes and colors that are captured in these unique sock designs. From spring buds to rambling greenery, from a fall bouquet to frosty ice crystals, the "feel" of the four seasons can be quickly crafted to flaunt on your feet. This delightful how-to guide has 20 all-new knitting patterns that will keep you creating fashionable socks that are always in season.

The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual

This book is terrific. It contains all of the questions (and answers) in the current pool. The book is logically organized to walk through the various relevant aspects of amateur radio and along the way provides detailed answers to every question in the pool.

Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Small Indulgences

A little luxury goes a long way! Discover the treasures you can knit from single skeins of the expensive yarns you dream about. More than 100 patterns include elegant wraps and scarves, cuddly baby blankets, evening bags, and dozens of other projects destined to become cherished heirlooms. Indulge yourself with a small sampling of creamy cashmere, lustrous alpaca, seductive silk, exotic soy, or organic linen. The softest fibers make ...

Encyclopaedia of Military Models 1/72

This book, which make s use of computerized data, is the most thorough study of 1/72 models in the world presently available. It lists all the models that have been produced in all the countries of the world since the inception of kits. It constitutes a truly encyclopaedic guide encompassing nearly 5,900 different mouldings and should prove useful to several categories of readers . Modellers will be able to use it as a reliable refer...

Art and Illusionists (Vision, Illusion and Perception)

We delight in using our eyes, particularly when puzzling over pictures. Art and illusionists is a celebration of pictures and the multiple modes of manipulating them to produce illusory worlds on flat surfaces. This has proved fascinating to humankind since the dawning of depiction. Art and illusionists is also a celebration of the ways we see pictures, and of our ability to distil meaning from arrays of contours and colours. Picture...

Green Cleaning 101: DIY Natural Cleaning Solutions

Chapters in this book include: - Salt (aka Sodium Chloride) - (White) Vinegar (aka Impure Dilute Acetic Acid) - Baking Soda (aka Sodium Bicarbonate) - Tea Tree Oil (aka Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil) - Hydrogen Peroxide (aka H202) - Borax (aka Sodium Borate) - Lemons / Lemon Juice / Lemon Essential Oil - Raw Potatoes - Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer (aka Activated Carbon) - Rubbing Alcohol (aka Isopropyl Alcohol) - Olive Oil - 8 Helpful Cle...

Die letzten Naturparadiese (DuMont Bildband)

Dieser Bildband entführt uns auf eine Reise zu den letzten Naturparadiesen der Erde – dorthin, wo die Artenvielfalt von Pflanzen und Tieren am größten ist, zu 35 ausgewählten Priority Places. Es handelt sich dabei um Landschafts- oder Naturräume mit einer besonders hohen Dichte an endemischen Arten, die durch menschliches Eingreifen bedroht sind – von den tropischen Regenwäldern Amazoniens über die bunte Unterwasserwelt der Karibik, ...

Beginner's Guide to Quilting: 16 Projects to Learn to Quilt

Learn how to make beautiful quilts with this comprehensive guide to patchwork and quilting for beginners. Covers all aspects of quilting from piecing and applique to quilting and binding. Choose from 16 simple projects, each focusing on a different technique, from bags and cushions to table mats, wall hangings and bed quilts. Clear illustrations and step-by-step instructions accompany each project, making them all suitable for even a...