Movable Storage Projects

The book has some ingenious ideas with very well-illustrated, step-by-step instructions. Some of the projects are quite clever and I look forward to working on a number of them.

Homemade Nail Polish

MAKE YOUR OWN NAIL POLISH COLORS TO CREATE PERSONALIZED, CUSTOMIZED LOOKS JUST FOR YOU The best way to get a marvelous mani? Make your own dazzling polishes! With this book and some imagination, you’ll be whipping up gorgeous polishes in no time. Learn how to: • Fashion vibrant crèmes, shimmers and shades • Sparkle with glamorous glitter • Craft adorable labels and gifts • Paint perfect patterns with pro tricks • Style one-of-a-kind ...

A Short Course on Foundation Engineering 2nd Edition

Although there are now a large number of computer programmes for solving all sorts of foundation design problems, the need to check these outputs by 'hand-calculation' has become vitally important. This book concentrates on getting the fundamentals right and then using them in practical applications.The book is illustrated with numerous worked examples and with quick-reference tables and charts.

Champignons de France

Plus de 380 espèces de champignons comestibles et toxiques toutes illustrées. Un système de fiches donne pour chaque champignon une description précise, le milieu, les confusions possibles et la comestibilité. Sous forme de pictogrammes, toutes les informations pour la cueillette : période, comestibilité, biotope de prédilection. Un " index visuel " en début d'ouvrage oriente le cheminement du lecteur dans le guide et facilite ainsi ...

Make: Technology on Your Time, Volume 33

Make magazine is always a favorite publication to read. Featured projects and articles span a wide range of interests. The publisher does an excellent job of keeping things balanced and interesting. Makers have a large collective skill set. Some are more comfortable with a soldering iron while others may make sawdust fly or manipulate pixels at the keyboard. Others may dabble in multiple fields. Make is the community that bridges the...

Bahnhöfe - Vorbild und Modell: Modellbahn-Wissen (2016)

Wohl nur wenige Begriffe werden so unterschiedlich interpretiert wie der Bahnhof. Für den Eisenbahnfreund sind es in erster Linie die Empfangsgebäude mit Bahnsteigen, Stellwerken und Gleisen, die als Bahnhof und somit als Kulisse für die eigentlichen Zielobjekte, die Züge, wahrgenommen werden. Wie vielschichtig das Thema Bahnhof wirklich ist, zeigt Ihnen das vorliegende Buch, welches neben zahlreichen Impressionen und Blicken hinter ...

Modern Acrylic: A contemporary exploration of acrylic painting (Modern Series)

I'm OBSESSED. Great for both artists and people just starting to get interested in painting. Loved reading about Blakely's techniques. Have been a fan of her artwork for a while, so I'm thrilled she decided to write a book. With Modern Acrylic, artists, illustrators, art students, and art hobbyists can learn how to use basic painting techniques and concepts to create expressive works of art. You'll learn to paint flowers, animals, pa...

Crochet (Idiot's Guides)

This is my favorite book on crocheting! I wanted to start up again after many years of not doing it at all and was clueless where to begin. I was able to create this ruana out of buffalo wool yarn, and it was surprisingly easy. This is the easiest book to follow with the clearest instructions and really helpful pictures to follow along with. Highly recommend!