On Story – Screenwriters And Their Craft

This book distills the advice of renowned, award-winning screenwriters who have appeared on On Story, including John Lee Hancock, Peter Hedges, Lawrence Kasdan, Whit Stillman, Robin Swicord, and Randall Wallace. In their own lively words and stories transcribed from interviews and panel discussions, they cover the entire development of a screenplay, from inspiration, story, process, structure, characters, and dialogue to rewriting an...

The Craft Of Ritual Studies

In religious studies, theory and method research has long been embroiled in a polarized debate over scientific versus theological perspectives. Ronald L. Grimes shows that this debate has stagnated, due in part to a manner of theorizing too far removed from the study of actual religious practices. A worthwhile theory, according to Grimes, must be practice-oriented, and practices are most effectively studied by field research methods....

B-24 Liberator Units Of The Eighth Air Force (osprey Combat Aircraft 15)

Osprey's examination of the B-24 Liberator Units' participation in World War II (1939-1945). The B-24 Liberator was built in greater numbers than any other US warplane, yet its combat crews live, even today, in the shadow of the less plentiful, but better-known, B-17. Accounts of the 'Mighty Eighth' in Europe, and indeed many of the books and films that emerged from the greatest air campaign in history, often overlook the B-24, even ...

The United States Of Craft Beer

This is a great book for a newcomer to craft beer.... Whether you use this book as a guide to craft beer across the United States, as a gift for your favorite craft beer enthusiast or to start good-natured arguments at your next beer tasting The United States of Craft Beer is a good one to add to your library. From California to Maine--check out the greatest craft breweries in the United States! Fifty fascinating states, 50 awesome b...

Type Vii U-boats (shipcraft 4)

The fourth volume in a new series providing in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. This volume is devoted to the Type VII, the standard German sea-going submarine that in many versions and variants was built in huge numbers right through World War II and did more than any other weapon to threaten Allied victory.

Spellcraft For A Magical Year: Rituals And Enchantments For Prosperity, Power, And Fortune

Draw upon beneficial universal energy at any time in the year to maximize your spell success! Using planetary, solar, and other natural influences, as well as the ancient power of pagan holidays, goddess energy, and traditional festive dates, Spellcraft for a Magical Year gives a month-by-month guide to spells, rituals, and enchantments. This comprehensive almanac by the renowned Sarah Bartlett includes important celebrations. Discov...

Us Marine Corps F-4 Phantom Ii Units Of The Vietnam War (osprey Combat Aircraft 94)

This is a story long-time coming, and what better publisher or author to tell it. A few books on Marine Corps Phantoms have appeared but not with the depth and detail of this one, not to mention what has to be one of the most stunning covers in the entire Osprey lineup.Twenty-five US Marine Corps squadrons flew versions of the Phantom II and 11 of them used the aircraft in Southeast Asia from May 1965 through to early 1973. Although ...

Assembling The Tree Of Life

"Assembling the Tree of Life presents a preliminary view of one of the grand enterprises of modern science, resolving the phylogeny of all life... This volume, the product of a 2002 symposium by the same name held at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York, seeks to blow away the mist and reveal the structure of the whole Tree and, in doing so, galvanize the systematics community toward unifying its goals."   T...