Lovely Lacy Knits: Beautiful Projects Embellished with Ribbon, Flowers, Beads, and More

Gorgeously soft and romantic, the beautiful lacy knits in this book beg to be touched and worn against the skin. These unique, feminine pieces, embellished with photos, beads, and other accents, will be the focal point of any outfit. Delicate lace knit patterns for scarves, shawls, fingerless gloves, slippers, and socks Learn to use a variety of embellishment techniques, including sewn and beaded accents, to give your knits personali...

Granny Square Love: A New Twist on a Crochet Classic for Your Home

I love to crochet and knit so when I saw this book, I had to get it. I have not done a granny square since I was young and for the life of me could not remember how to start. This book brought back my memories of making my poncho and shawls with this pattern. I'm so glad I included this book to my collection of knitting and crocheting books. I got this as a book for my crochet-maniac-cousin. She loves it! She whipped up a bunch of th...

The Emotional House: How Redesigning Your Home Can Change Your Life

Great book. Well worth the money. Has saved me from buying new decor and furniture and storage without thinking through what I really need. Gets to the heart, your heart, of what you need out of your house and guides you there. I am half way through the book and already am more comfortable in my house with the changes I have made. I have plans for the house and am looking forward to them. Don't hesitate ordering this. This is not a '...

Smart Guide: Trim Step by Step

Really happy with the tips, tricks, and instructions in this book. I’m not a beginner so I can’t speak to whether it works for people trying a first time ever book, but I learned a lot and it made my trim jobs easier than ever before.

The Art of Segmented Wood Turning: A Step-By-Step Guide

This is the most detailed and comprehensive book on segmented wood turning I have read, and I have read many. Tibbetts does a nice job of explaining everything, and in exacting detail. He includes many photos where he has painted the components in different colors in order to clarify their purpose. Toward the end of the book, he gets into some very advanced techniques. Maybe I'll get to that point some day. Maybe. This book is extrem...

Archaeology: A Brief Introduction, 12th Edition

Archaeology is a jargon-free and accessible introduction to the field which details how archaeologists study the human past in all its fascinating diversity. Now in its twelfth edition, this classic textbook has been updated to reflect the latest research and new findings in the field. Reflecting the global scope of the discipline, the book has a truly international coverage of important discoveries and sites from many corners of the...

Magical Four-patch and Nine-patch Quilts

I was sorry to see this book had such a low review and wanted to add a stronger plus. It was one of the first quilt books I bought and it got me thinking out of the box. I enjoy it and still go back and look through it for ideas. Now that I know Yvonne Porcella's work better, this book does demonstrate a generally more pallid palette of color but it is a good book for a beginner that would like to explore making irregularly patterned...

Imponderables(R): Science

In gathering the most fascinating questions asked about science into a handy Gem format, pop culture guru David Feldman demystifies these and much more in Imponderables®: Science. Providing you with information you can't find in encyclopedias, dictionaries, or almanacs, Science is a fun look at the little things that make life so interesting.

Remodeling On the Money

I bought this book to find out how best to remodel a house to add value. This book definitely tells you that. But it really helped me because it has basic information that is really useful. For instance, I have on order one of the new tankless hot water heaters. Heavens said you need "modulating temperature control" for consistent temperature. I had no idea if the model I ordered had that. Now I can make sure that it does! Heavens is...