Allie Aller's Stained Glass Quilts Reimagined: Fresh Techniques & Design

Quilt the look of stained glass! This rich resource of approachable techniques will let you jump right in with 6 stained glass style quilts, from dazzling wallhangings to throws and bedcovers. Outline pieced and appliquéd shapes 3 ways―using trims, couching, and bias fabric strips. Explore your own ideas for both simple and intricate stained glass designs, and set yourself up for success with tips on organizing your sewing space and ...

Beaded Jewelry with Found Objects: Incorporate Anything from Buttons to Shells

Short Version: I love this book! Buy it and expand your mind. You do need to know a few basic stitches, but it shows you all kinds of cool variations on those stitches to make your work "pop." Long Version: I'll admit it: I have a soft spot in my heart for the people at Krause. Years ago, I was their technical contact for their first computerized typesetting and book layout machines. When the people I worked with at Krause found out ...

The Art of Leather Burning

The first book of its kind to focus solely on leather-burning techniques and projects, this original guide is the work of a legend in the wood/leather crafting industry. Expert pyrographer Lora Susan Irish presents complete instructions for a dozen simple, easy-to-complete projects—key chains, jewelry, wallets, journals, belts, and other items—in a spectacular array of patterns ranging from Western and Celtic motifs to wildlife image...

Semiprecious Salvage: Creating Found-Art Jewelry

Great projects and inspiration. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because some of the things don't work like they were supposed to - her etching project would not work for me (getting a resist for etching ) - I had to look up online how to do it instead because her directions wouldn't work for me. But otherwise this book is wonderful. If you are into rustic, funky, and atypical jewelry, you'll love this book! If you p...

Notoriously Dapper: How to Be a Modern Gentleman with Manners, Style and Body Confidence

This book is for everyone, not just young men. We can all use a fresh reminder on how to use kindness in this sometimes heartless world we live in. I loved this book from cover to cover, the pictures are just as inspiring as his story and message. THIS BOOK IS A MUST HAVE!!! Not only is this book well written, with a beautiful message, it is also EXTREMELY relatable. Anyone from a teenager to an adult can read this book and find it m...

More Puzzles

Ms. Devi (deceased) was an absolute calculating genius and talented in other ways as well. I have only scratched the very surface of these problems, but I am privileged to have this book in my collection.

Picture Yourself Decorating Cakes

I actually cringed when I watched the dvd about cake covering is was a bad example of preparation for the cake.The buttercream coating was really poor and the sugar paste actually began to tear whilst covering.This should have been reshot as the cake was not in my opinion of an acceptable standard.The rose making was however good.The actual book was a good source of information and great pictures.I felt the whole style of cakes were ...

The Table Saw Book, Completely Revised and Updated

This book covers lots of techniques for safely using your table saw. To me the safety considerations alone counts for 4 stars. I immediately used the techniques in this book for a project I was working. I do not think I have reached the end of the book yet. Every time I read some of it I run into my shop and try out what I learned. Why no 5 stars then? This book needs some modernization. Everything in the book is usable. If you shop ...

Inca Knits: Designs Inspired by South American Traditions

I am a big Marianne Isager fan and was really looking forward to this book. It does not disappoint. The color work patterns are wonderful but the great thing is the sweaters are so wearable. The styles are the comfortable style and weight that you would wear often. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes to knit sweaters or aspires to. I am a fan of Marianne Isager's knitting books. I especially love her book, Knitting O...

Supersized: Strange Tales from a Fast-Food Culture

Morgan Spurlock handed over some tales he did not cover in his film Super Size Me to artists in the Dark Horse stable to create Supersized: Strange Tales from a Fast-Food Culture. Co-written for the most part with Jeremy Barlow, the effort integrates the theme of the film, going 30 days eating nothing but fast food from McDonalds, with a set of behind-the scenes tales that are so extreme in their disgustingness that the main issue of...