Hong Kong Under Chinese Rule

Economic Integration And Political Gridlock

573b0e19d88a1.jpg Author Chiew Ping Yew and Yong-Nian Zheng
Isbn 9789814447669
File size 3 MB
Year 2014
Pages 288
Language English
File format PDF
Category Economics

Book Description:

This edited volume is a compilation of the analyses written by East Asian Institute experts on Hong Kong since the handover. It covers most, if not all the important events that have taken place in Hong Kong since 1997, including its economic integration and relations with China, its governance conundrums, the Hong Kong identity and nation-building, the implementation of the minimum wage, and the elections from 2011- 2012. The book's panoramic view of Hong Kong makes it a useful resource for readers who seek a broad understanding of the city and how it has evolved after its return to China. It also offers some glimpses into the direction Hong Kong is heading in its socio-economic relations with China at both the state and society levels, as well as its domestic political developments and the prospects for democratization.

Readership: Researchers, professionals, undergraduate and graduate students interested in the Hong Kong's integration and relations with China, and One Country, Two Systems.




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