Honourable Intentions? (Routledge Research in Early Modern History)

Violence and Virtue in Australian and Cape Colonies, c 1750 to 1850

00437704_medium Author Nigel Worden
Isbn 1138850381
File size 17MB
Year 2016
Pages 234
Language English
File format PDF
Category History

Book Description:

"This path-breaking collection of essays extends the reach of comparative studies of colonial culture and governance. It provides an important intervention in practices of trans-regional scholarship, demonstrating how malleable ideas moved among both elites and commoners, creating material consequences that are mutually recognizable in spite of the great distance and different local circumstances that separate Australia and South Africa. The deep conceptual work and careful attention to detail in the essays will find broad readership among early-modern cultural historians of all regions and an eager audience of colonial-era scholars."



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