The Huge Load Formula

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Year 2014
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Category Sexuality

Book Description:

“Drink It Daily and Get Your Biggest, Hardest, Strongest Erections Ever… Superman Style Staying Power… and – Loads So HUGE They’ll Have Peter North* Asking You For Tips!”

Dear friend who wants rock-hard, long lasting erections and the ability to blow HUGE loads,
It’s Adam Armstrong here.
Pay attention to what follows. Because this is really important if you want to be a truly sexually powerful man – with a massively powerful erection!
The kind of massively powerful erection women love.
In June 2014 I launched something called The Huge Load Formula…
To my surprise it became the most popular thing I’ve ever created.
Guys rushed to buy it in their THOUSANDS. And it’s still selling like hot-cakes today – months after its launch.
The idea behind ‘The Huge Load Formula’ was very simple…
Give men a great-tasting drink that could be made in 2 or 3 minutes, in the comfort of their own kitchen.
The drink should NATURALLY increase TESTOSTERONE levels and help men to:
Get rock-hard erections whenever they like
Develop the kind of staying power that Superman would be proud of
Blow freakin’ HUGE loads (because women love a huge load. But more on that later)
Long story short…

The Huge Load Formula was a massive success. And guys have been emailing me testimonials ever since.


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