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5a56ab19650df.jpg Author Jon Haws
Isbn 9781548309299
File size 56MB
Year 2016
Pages 60
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hobbies

Book Description:

N is for Nurse by best selling nurse-author Jon Haws RN CCRN is a full-color ABC book for grown-up nurses, with a powerful message about what is means to "be a nurse". N is for Nurse looks and feels like a classic picture book. But it's not for kids, it's for nurses and nursing students who are proud of being RN. Nursing is more than a job. Nursing is who we are. Every fiber, every muscle, every beat of our hearts. One big happy nursing family. Healing patients happily. It's something we feel deep within. Proud to be RN. N is for Nurse is an illustrated book for nurses in the style of traditional children books. Author Jon Haws RN, takes the reader on an emotional journey through the alphabet from A-to-Z with engaging story telling and beautiful illustrations instilling pride in what it means to "Be a Nurse". It highlights twenty-six core values of nursing. N is for Nurse makes the perfect gift or coffee table nursing picture book for any nurse of any age. Not only will this book motivate and inspire you, it will help your friends and loved ones FINALLY "get" what it means to you to be a nurse. Perfect graduation gift for nurses, nurses week gift, retirement gift, children book for future nurses, first year nurse book, nursing student gift or addition to gift basket for male or female nurses.


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