Puzzles for Programmers and Pros

The book presents a number of puzzles, of different difficult level, with proposed solutions. In general, the puzzles are not very hard to solve if you follow the hint/guide by the author, and can be done in reasonable time. It is a good practice if you are going through a number of interviews for technical positions. It can also serve as a spare time reading for those doing research in algorithm engineering. The language of the book...

Puppet Types and Providers

Puppet’s true power exists in the simple resource model it uses to manage the state of complex operating systems. This concise guide shows you how to extend that model and implement custom functionality on top of Puppet by working with the type and provider APIs. Two experts from Puppet Labs explain the concepts behind these APIs, and provide instructions and examples to help you write your own fully functional types and providers. Y...

Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals, Technical Overview

Don't expect more than what this book is designed to do. It's a high level description of Windows 10 in an enterprise environment with little depth. It's written for IT professionals who are expected to be very familiar with previous versions of Windows in the enterprise. As a Microsoft Press book, it isn't giving a critical look with pros and cons. Given the above, it's a well done overview of Windows 10 that will be useful to any I...

Serverless Architectures on AWS

Serverless Architectures on AWS teaches you how to build, secure, and manage serverless architectures that can power the most demanding web and mobile apps. You'll get going quickly with this book's ready-made real-world examples, code snippets, diagrams, and descriptions of architectures that can be readily applied. By the end, you'll be able to architect and build your own serverless applications on AWS.

Virtual Knowledge: (The MIT Press)

Virtual Knowledge is a strong collection conceptualizing and analyzing the current state of thought in eResearch, with a particular focus on the social sciences and humanities. These contributions are reports of new studies and new theorizing with excellent scope. It is a thoughtful reflection and one I will cite in my own work. This admirable collection of interwoven essays on the consequences of introducing new digital tools into t...

Inclusive Design Patterns - Coding Accessibility Into Web Design by Heydon Pickering
Inclusive Design Patterns - Coding Accessibility Into Web Design

I read this book over a long weekend. This is not an end-all be-all "do this and your web site will be accessible" instruction book. Rather, it is a book to train you how to think inclusively. I think it is good for web developers (and possibly designers) who want to ensure their pages and interactive components are accessible. The author goes through several different examples that can be added to any web site (I implemented some on...

R Graphics Cookbook

This book is a must for anyone who works with ggplot2. There are so many excellent graph images, that I often flip through the book when I'm trying to figure out how to create a specific plot, but may not know what it is called.

International Enterprises and Global Information Technologies

Todays businesses are more geographically dispersed than ever and organizations continue to explore the benefits of operating virtually, necessitating continued research on global information management. International Enterprises and Global Information Technologies: Advancing Management Practices offers solutions, best practices, and case studies on information management on a global scale among developed, developing, and emerging na...

Vagrant Virtual Development Environment Cookbook

Over 35 hands-on recipes to help you master Vagrant, and create and manage virtual computational environments About This Book Configure and deploy software to Vagrant machines with scripts and configuration management tools Manage and share Vagrant development environments with cloud Packed with practical real-life examples to improve existing working systems Who This Book Is For If you are a software developer or administrator who w...