Internet Safety (hot Topics)

Accessible yet sophisticated book that covers the risks involved in going on line and what you can do to protect yourself. Also asks whether more regulations on internet use are a good idea. Cyber Bullying explains the problem in a concise narrative that describes who bullies are and why they torment others. Chapters flow easily from the descriptions of the issue to who is affected, the pain caused, and ways to stop kids from torment...

Travailler Avec Un Ipad

Avec son faible encombrement, son autonomie hors pair et son démarrage instantané, l’iPad s’apprête à révolutionner le monde du travail. Animé de la passion du pionnier, l’auteur explique comment faire de l’iPad un outil de travail efficace, en proposant notamment une sélection réfléchie et astucieuse des meilleures applications à utiliser au quotidien : Choisir et démarrer sa tablette : comment la paramétrer pour optimiser et sécuri...

Activism On The Web: Everyday Struggles Against Digital Capitalism

Activism on the Web examines the everyday tensions that political activists face as they come to terms with the increasingly commercialized nature of web technologies and sheds light on an important, yet under-investigated, dimension of the relationship between contemporary forms of social protest and internet technologies. Drawing on anthropological and ethnographic research amongst three very different political groups in the UK, I...

Using Autocad 2011

This one is so well written and laid out that you could teach yourself without an instructor. It's that good. Since the class, I have taught myself even more just using this text. There are a lot of books on CAD out there. This one is the best. Money well spent! Thoroughly updated to AutoCAD 2011 this easy-to-understand essentials edition covers all aspects of AutoCAD fundamentals, from an introduction to computer hardware and AutoCA...

Natural Language Processing For Social Media

This book presents the state-of-the-art in research and empirical studies in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) for the semantic analysis of social media data. Over the past few years, online social networking sites have revolutionized the way we communicate with individuals, groups and communities, and altered everyday practices. The unprecedented volume and variety of user-generated content and the user interaction netw...

Windows 8 All-in-one For Dummies

  This is a very good book for those who are looking to learn Windows 8 Pro. The book takes you from the very beginning with an excellent overview of the radical new operating system from Microsoft. It has a number of very funny illustrations and presents the material in an understandable step-by-step process. If you have an Amazon Kindle that is able to handle text-to-speech and you don't mind the mechanical voice. I recommend ...

Digitaler Burnout: Warum Unsere Permanente Smartphone-nutzung Gefährlich Ist

Alexander Markowetz, Jahrgang 1976, studierte in Marburg und New York. Seit 2009 ist er Juniorprofessor für Informatik an der Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, wo er im Rahmen eines großangelegten Projekts das Verhalten von 300.000 Smartphone-Nutzern untersucht. Zusammen mit seinem Team hat Professor Markowetz eine App entwickelt, die das Verhalten der 40 Millionen Smartphone-Nutzer dokumentiert. Er kommt zu einem ersc...