The Blender Python API: Precision 3D Modeling and Add-on Development

Understand Blender's Python API to allow for precision 3D modeling and add-on development. Follow detailed guidance on how to create precise geometries, complex texture mappings, optimized renderings, and much more. This book is a detailed, user-friendly guide to understanding and using Blender’s Python API for programmers and 3D artists. Blender is a popular open source 3D modeling software used in advertising, animation, data visua...

Handbook of Research on Mobility and Computing

Mobility and Computing have experienced an amazing evolution during the last decade, impacting business, economy, and society, enabling new organizational models, new ways of working, new inter-organizational dynamics, increased flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness in all sectors of activity. The Handbook of Research on Mobility and Computing: Evolving Technologies and Ubiquitous Impacts discusses the main issues, challenges, o...

The Art of Concurrency: A Thread Monkey's Guide to Writing Parallel Applications

This book provides an introduction to concurrency of threads and tasks with shared memory, not SIMD concurrency (such as with a vector unit or GPU) or message passing with distributed memory (such as with a cluster). The first half of the book covers the concepts involved in multithreaded programming and how to parallelize algorithms. The second half covers particular parallel algorithms with implementations in C++. The first several...

Introduction to Social Media Marketing: A Guide for Absolute Beginners

Easily understand the most important tools and skills in social media marketing. You'll be exposed to Facebook pages and ads, work with Twitter and LinkedIn, save time with Hootsuite, and learn social media monitoring.  If you are completely new to social media marketing and you want to learn the basics, this guide will introduce you to the content quickly. Introduction to Social Media Marketing has a particular focus on ROI (return ...

Learning Cocoa with Objective-C, 3rd Edition

This is definitely not a book for a beginner. I was disappointed in the amount of typos and parts that were left out of the example code. That is, if you follow the book exactly, you will consistently run into errors. Luckily you can go to the O'Reilly website to download the source code for all of the examples. This helps in tracking down what the authors "actually" did to get the code to work, since some of the steps are skipped. O...

JavaScript Essentials for SAP ABAP Developers

Easily master JavaScript (JS) with this quick guide and develop mobile and desktop applications for SAP Fiori. This book equips ABAP/SAP developers with the essential topics to get started with JS. The focus of JavaScript Essentials for SAP ABAP Developers is on the parts of the JS language that are useful from the perspective of an ABAP developer. The book starts with a brief intro to HTML, the basics of JS, and how to create and ru...

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 - Das Handbuch

Dieses Buch gibt Ihnen einen tiefgehenden Einblick in den praktischen Einsatz von Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. Es richtet sich sowohl an Neueinsteiger in Microsoft-Messagingtechnologien als auch an Umsteiger von Vorgängerversionen. Planung und Migration, Konzepte und Werkzeuge zur Administration sowie die wichtigsten Konfigurations- und Verwaltungsfragen werden praxisnah behandelt. Die Funktionalitäten werden ausführlich vorgestel...

Puppet Types and Providers

Puppet’s true power exists in the simple resource model it uses to manage the state of complex operating systems. This concise guide shows you how to extend that model and implement custom functionality on top of Puppet by working with the type and provider APIs. Two experts from Puppet Labs explain the concepts behind these APIs, and provide instructions and examples to help you write your own fully functional types and providers. Y...

Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals, Technical Overview

Don't expect more than what this book is designed to do. It's a high level description of Windows 10 in an enterprise environment with little depth. It's written for IT professionals who are expected to be very familiar with previous versions of Windows in the enterprise. As a Microsoft Press book, it isn't giving a critical look with pros and cons. Given the above, it's a well done overview of Windows 10 that will be useful to any I...

Serverless Architectures on AWS

Serverless Architectures on AWS teaches you how to build, secure, and manage serverless architectures that can power the most demanding web and mobile apps. You'll get going quickly with this book's ready-made real-world examples, code snippets, diagrams, and descriptions of architectures that can be readily applied. By the end, you'll be able to architect and build your own serverless applications on AWS.