Inside An Loc : The Battle to Save Saigon, April-May 1972

5aa21870b6d88.jpg Author Nghia M. Vo and Van Nguyen Duong
Isbn 9780786499342
File size 1MB
Year 2016
Pages 268
Language English
File format PDF
Category History

Book Description:

The Battle of An Loc was one of the bloodiest battles in the Vietnam War and a defining moment in the history of the Republic of South Vietnam. A few square blocks tucked among vast rubber tree plantations, the provincial town was thought to be of little strategic value to the North Vietnamese. Yet for 66 days in 1972, it was the scene of savage house-to-house street fighting as artillery and mortar fire pounded the town daily until almost nothing was left standing. Facing three North Vietnamese infantry divisions, General Le Van Hung defended the town with 7,500 men, vowing to "die with An Loc." A decisive victory for the South Vietnamese, the battle came at a time when the United States had begun pulling out of Vietnam and few American troops were on the ground. No foreign reporters were on hand and the action was ignored or misreported by the world press. This book tells the story of An Loc from the unique perspective of an officer who shared a bunker with the general during the fight.



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