The Invention of Market Freedom

002cf035_medium Author Eric MacGilvray
Isbn 052117189X
File size 1.1MB
Year 2011
Pages 216
Language English
File format PDF
Category Economics

Book Description:

"This extraordinary, wide-ranging book builds on the republican turn in political theory to explain and contextualize the rise of the liberal, market-oriented account of freedom. MacGilvray deftly traces out the complex relationships among virtue, liberty, and status in early modern republican thought; and he shows that republican thought evolved in divergent directions in the face of modern commerce. The intellectual history of civic republicanism to commercial liberalism is important in its own right, and helps situate much that has been learned in the last generation about republicanism and natural jurisprudence. The analytical and normative argument that arises out of that history clears away much confusion about concepts of liberty, and offers an important challenge to the market liberal theory of freedom."



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