The Invisible Fist: Secret Ninja Methods of Vanishing Without a Trace

589054b4bceda.jpeg Author Ashida Kim
Isbn 9780806520186
File size 2.3MB
Year 1998
Pages 142
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

Looked for, cannot be seen. Listened for, cannot be heard. Felt for, cannot be touched. The Invisible Fist gives no warning, nor can it be stopped. You cannot hide from it, nor can you escape it. Why is this so? Any decent self-defense class can teach one to draw up his courage in the face of danger, the better to execute one all-out, totally committed, do-or-die technique. This usually results in the mutually assured destruction of both combatants.
To strike the opponent without being struck in return is the essence of Boxing.
Some martial arts teach that a punch must be so swift and return so quickly that it is faster than the human eye can follow as a method of being considered “invisible”.



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