Israel in History: The Jewish State in Comparative Perspective

5a370ce6ec90e.jpg Author Derek J. Penslar
Isbn 9780415400367
File size 2.3MB
Year 2006
Pages 287
Language English
File format PDF
Category History

Book Description:

Covering topical issues concerning the nature of the Israeli state, this engaging work presents essays that combine a variety of comparative schemes, both internal to Jewish civilization and extending throughout the world, such as:

- modern Jewish society, politics and culture

- historical consciousness in the twentieth century

- colonialism, anti-colonialism and postcolonial state-building.

With its open-ended, comparative approach, Israel in History provides a useful means of correcting the biases found in so much scholarship on Israel, be it sympathetic or hostile. This book will appeal to scholars and students with research interests in many fields, including Israeli Studies, Middle East Studies, and Jewish Studies.


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