Jesus of Nazareth

An Independent Historian's Account of his Life and Teaching

5c88a9e99d54c.jpeg Author Maurice Casey
Isbn 0567104087
File size 2MB
Year 2010
Pages 576
Language English
File format PDF
Category Religion

Book Description:

Professor Maurice Casey provides a sophisticated and engaging historical reconstruction of Jesus life tackling controversial issues such as the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection. Casey's masterful treatment of the Aramaic sources and background to the Gospels make this volume unique in that no other life of Jesus has been written by a scholar with such expertise in the language which Jesus spoke, as a result Casey is able to draw us closer to the historical Jesus than ever before. Casey provides an up-to-date overview of the historical Jesus debate, covering the Jewishness of Jesus' teaching, the foundation of early groups of his followers, and the location of Jesus within his wider context. He also gives a bold ideological critique of the very discipline of historical Jesus research, discussing the possibility that anti-Jewish views have skewed research in the past. This major contribution will be of interest to anyone interested in the historical figure of Jesus and the roots of Christianity.



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