Don't Be Deceived By The French

A light-hearted, illustrated look at the French language, concentrating on the words and phrases that could trip up unwary students. If a French person asks you for ‘assistance’ they are not asking for your help, but your attendance at an event. When they say ‘attendez’, they are not inviting you to a party, but are asking you to wait. Avoid an ‘entente glaciale’ by learning the difference between ‘heurter’ (to strike) and ‘blesser’ ...

Short Story Theories: A Twenty-first-century Perspective

Short Story Theories: A Twenty-First-Century Perspective problematizes different aspects of the renewal and development of the short story. The aim of this collection is to explore the most recent theoretical issues raised by the short story as a genre and to offer theoretical and practical perspectives on the form. Centering as it does on specific authors and on the wider implications of short story poetics, this collection presents...

Translation And Language Education: Pedagogic Approaches Explored

The revival of translation as a means of learning and teaching a foreign language and as a skill in its own right is occurring at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in universities.   In this book, Sara Laviosa proposes a translation-based pedagogy that is grounded in theory and has been applied in real educational contexts. This volume draws on the convergence between the view of language and translation embraced by eco...

Reading, Writing, Digitizing: Understanding Literacy In The Electronic Age

Reading, Writing and Digitizing offers a new theoretical proposal concerning expert and novice readers and writers based on the psycholinguistics of literacy. This book has five specific goals. First, it presents a theory of meta-reading and writing that describes what literacy experts are able to do with written text. They do what the word meta describes: go before and after, into and around, beyond and beside written text to unders...

Moribund Germanic Heritage Languages In North America

The contributions in Moribund Germanic Heritage Languages in North America advance the ever-expanding research program in formal and theoretical treatments of heritage language grammars through in-depth empirical investigations. The core focus on moribund varieties of heritage Germanic languages extends beyond the exploration of the individual heritage language grammars and contributes to larger discussions in the field of Germanic l...

Literature For Our Times

Literature for Our Times offers the widest range of essays on present and future directions in postcolonial studies ever gathered together in one volume. Demonstrating the capacity of different approaches and methodologies to 'live together' in a spirit of 'convivial democracy', these essays range widely across regions, genres, and themes to suggest the many different directions in which the field is moving. Beginning with an engagem...

Nature And The Numinous In Mythopoeic Fantasy Literature

This book makes connections between mythopoeic fantasy--works that engage the numinous--and the critical apparatuses of ecocriticism and posthumanism. Drawing from the ideas of Rudolf Otto in The Idea of the Holy, mythopoeic fantasy is a means of subverting normative modes of perception to both encounter the numinous and to challenge the perceptions of the natural world. Beginning with S.T. Coleridge's theories of the imagination as ...

Multiple Affordances Of Language Corpora For Data-driven Learning

In recent years, corpora have found their way into language instruction, albeit often indirectly, through their role in syllabus and course design and in the production of teaching materials and other resources. An alternative and more innovative use is for teachers and students alike to explore corpus data directly as part of the learning process. This volume addresses this latter application of corpora by providing research insight...

Roman Social Imaginaries: Language And Thought In The Context Of Empire

In an expansion of his 2012 Robson Classical Lectures, Clifford Ando examines the connection between the nature of the Latin language and Roman thinking about law, society, and empire. Drawing on innovative work in cognitive linguistics and anthropology, Roman Social Imaginaries considers how metaphor, metonymy, analogy, and ideation helped create the structures of thought that shaped the Roman Empire as a political construct. Beginn...

Reaction Booklet

As writers, we sometimes need help understanding our character's actions. For us, help is always nice, and it isn't shameful to ask. This is the reason why I wrote this booklet. Scan through the scenarios, events and situations that your characters may go through. Whether they’re getting married, have been fired from a job or if they are plotting a murder. Whatever the case is, find out how your character acts during these times and ...