Chinese Grammar At Work

Chinese Grammar at Work adopts a cognitive-functional approach and uses a corpus-based methodology to examine how Chinese syntax emerges from natural discourse context and what the evolving grammar at work looks like. In this volume the author weaves together an array of fresh perspectives on clause structure, constructions, interactional linguistics, cognitive science and complex dynamic systems to construct a grammar of spoken Chin...

Unutterable Horror: A History Of Supernatural Fiction

ST Joshi is one of the leading authorities on weird fiction, and in this expansive new study he provides a comprehensive history and analysis of the entire range of weird fiction from antiquity to the present day. ​​This first volume focuses on weird fiction from the Epic of Gilgamesh (c. 1700 BCE) to the end of the nineteenth century. Joshi focuses on key works of Greek and Latin literature that introduced many long-enduring motifs ...

Family Matters: Puerto Rican Women Authors On The Island And The Mainland

Adopting a comparative and multidisciplinary approach to Puerto Rican literature, Marisel Moreno juxtaposes narratives by insular and U.S. Puerto Rican women authors in order to examine their convergences and divergences. By showing how these writers use the trope of family to question the tenets of racial and social harmony, an idealized past, and patriarchal authority that sustain the foundational myth of la gran familia, she argue...

Persian Language, Literature And Culture: New Leaves, Fresh Looks

Critical approaches to the study of topics related to Persian literature and Iranian culture have evolved in recent decades. The essays included in this volume collectively demonstrate the most recent creative approaches to the study of the Persian language, literature, and culture, and the way these methodologies have progressed academic debate. Topics covered include; culture, cognition, history, the social context of literary crit...

Languages Of Governance In Conflict: Negotiating Democracy In Tokelau

Through an ethnographically based study of local communicative practices in the Pacific atoll society of Tokelau, the book adds to our understanding of how systems of governance are constituted by minute acts of social interaction, and are informed by our conceptions of the nature of sociality. It combines a social anthropological approach to postcolonial studies in which local and trans-national communicative practices related to go...

Japanese Fluency 1-3: Glossika Mass Sentences

Achieve Fluency with Glossika's Audio Spaced-Repetition Training for High-Beginners! Glossika training focuses specifically on bringing your speaking and listening skills to fluency. Glossika training complements textbook study and is great for preparing for tutoring sessions. We provide 120+ hours of audio training.

The Routledge Handbook Of Stylistics

This is an indispensable beginner’s guide to stylistics, packed full of practical advice and demonstrating the breadth of the discipline in its coverage of everything from the origin of stylistics in classical rhetoric to current advances in cognitive neuroscience. This handbook includes chapters written by some of the leading stylistics scholars in the world today, including Jean Boase-Beier, Joe Bray, Michael Burke, Beatrix Busse, ...

Where Is Language?: An Anthropologist’s Questions On Language, Literature And Performance

Ruth Finnegan is an extraordinary scholar of great style and profundity. Trace the fields of new literacy studies, situated cognition, and story-telling, and you will find the research and writings of Ruth Finnegan. So much of her thinking has become embedded in our understandings of language, perhaps without us ever knowing her. Where is Language? is a great introduction to her scholarship and for many a welcome opportunity to think...

Robert Frost In Context

This volume offers a fresh, multifaceted assessment of Robert Frost's life and works. Contributors include a number of influential scholars of Frost, but also such distinguished poets as Paul Muldoon, Dana Gioia, Mark Scott, and Jay Parini. Essays employ highly readable prose, offering scholars and students of Frost an accessible yet comprehensive reference and guide. This new critical volume offers a fresh, multifaceted assessment o...

Policy And Planning For Endangered Languages

Why have language policies had only limited success in reversing language shift? The case studies presented in this volume show the effects of various language policies on a range of communities around the world. By understanding the successes and failures of different language policies, linguists and language activists can be better informed as to what type of language policy might have the greatest impact on a given community. Lang...