The Literature Of Northern Ireland: Spectral Borderlands

Provocative, challenging, and sometimes daring, Maureen E. Ruprecht Fadem's The Literature of Northern Ireland explores the unique position of the Irish writer in Northern Ireland. In attending to both historical contexts and contemporary narratives, Fadem not only invites us to consider the intersection between the creative, the critical, and the material, but also the extent to which particular forms of agency and disempowerment ha...

Reading Vampire Gothic Through Blood: Bloodlines

This is a fascinating study of blood symbolism in a variety of vampiric contexts, which demonstrates an impressive breadth of cultural understanding from the medieval to the present day. The analysis of biomedicine and its relationship to a neoliberal political agenda is masterly. It is to the author's credit that they bring together so many diverse, but related, strands in such a convincing and intellectually exciting way. This is a...

X-men And The Mutant Metaphor: Race And Gender In The Comic Books

  X-Men and the Mutant Metaphor: Race and Gender in the Comic Books , Joseph J. Darowski thoroughly analyzes The Uncanny X-Men , providing its historical background and dividing the long-running series into distinct eras. Each chapter examines the creators and general plot lines, followed by a closer analysis of the principal characters and key stories. The final chapter explores the literal use of race and gender rather than th...

The Japanese Language

This is a book about the structure, history and evolution of the Japanese language The Japanese Language is a classic study of one of the world's most widely used but least understood languages. Emphasizing the richness and complexity of Japanese as well as its limitations, this fine book provides a lively discussion about the uniqueness of the Japanese language. This book will interest anyone intrigued by one of the word's most wide...

On The Nature Of Things

Reissued to accompany Stephen Greenblatt's The Swerve: the epic poem that changed the course of human thought forever. This great poem stands with Virgil's Aeneid as one of the vital and enduring achievements of Latin literature. Lost for more than a thousand years, its return to circulation in 1417 reintroduced dangerous ideas about the nature and meaning of existence and helped shape the modern world.

The Ecology Of Finnegans Wake

In this book—one of the first ecocritical explorations of both Irish literature and modernism—Alison Lacivita defies the popular view of James Joyce as a thoroughly urban writer by bringing to light his consistent engagement with nature. Using genetic criticism to investigate Joyce’s source texts, notebooks, and proofs, Lacivita shows how Joyce developed ecological themes in Finnegans Wakeover successive drafts. Making apparent a lov...

The Acquisition Of Hebrew Phonology And Morphology

The joint enterprise between research in theoretical linguistics and the acquisition of phonology and morphology is the focus of this volume, which provides fresh data from Hebrew, evaluates old issues and addresses new ones. The volume includes articles on segmental phonology (vowel harmony and consonant harmony ), prosodic phonology (the prosodic word, onsets and codas), and phonological errors in spelling. It attempts to bridge th...

Julie Pujos, Des Mots Et Des Lettres: Énigmes Et Jeux Littéraires

En reliure, du cuir de quel animal provient la "peau de chagrin" qui donne son titre à un roman d’Honoré de Balzac ? Avant d’écrire la saga du Trône de fer, dans quel roman plein de bruit et de fureur George R. R. Martin donne-t-il vie aux Nazgûl, un célèbre groupe de rock des années 60 ? Comment s’appelle le rejeton de la lionne et du jaguar ? Que mesure le galvanomètre ? Comment se nomment les habitants de Wallis-et-Futuna ? Testez...