The Last Days Of Richard Iii And The Fate Of His Dna: The Book That Inspired The Dig

5691be382625a.jpg Author John Ashdown-Hill
Isbn 9780752492056
File size 3.7 MB
Year 2015
Pages 256
Language English
File format MOBI
Category Biography

Book Description:

This short work purposely eschews historical controversy about the demerits or merits of England’s King Richard III, instead providing minute detail on his final few months in an attempt to perceive the man behind War of the Roses partisanship. To this end, Ashdown-Hill covers matters from the religious and gustatory functions in a royal household to Richard’s immediate political anxieties. The discussion of liturgies and meal menus permits imagining Richard’s mental outlook, if not his personality, while the narrative of his progress from Windsor Castle to Bosworth Field tracks his main worries: finding a new consort to produce an heir and drumming up support from England’s magnates for the 1485 showdown with Henry Tudor. Ashdown-Hill dispenses with legends about Richard’s guilt-wracked insomnia before battle, concentrating on a more verifiable topic, the destination of Richard’s corpse. Suggesting that today it lies beneath a Leicester parking lot, Ashdown-Hill concludes with hope that someday bone reconstruction will yield an impression of Richard’s physiognomy. Although this is a specialized work, the sun never sets on interest in British royalty, the Shakespearean Richard III in particular.



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