Le Cordon Bleu Cuisine Foundations: Classic Recipes

004a245e_medium Author Le Cordon Bleu
Isbn 1435481380
File size 102MB
Year 2010
Pages 384
Language English
File format PDF
Category Cookbooks

Book Description:

An excellent book, lots of traditional & "classics" recipes, written with much detail & care, but for serious cooks that can spend a few hours in the kitchen.

The only problem (or advantage, depends how you look at it) is that this is aimed for profesionnal cooks that have plenty of time, ingredients, and utensils in their hands. If you want to study & learn the basics of french cuisine and are ready to invest what it takes, then this is an excellent reference. But be warned that many recipes is written over 1-3 pages (very detailed step-by-step description with the politically correct - french - terms for each procedure). So a solid and generously illustrated reference if you want to learn how real restaurants cook do their trade!

If you're an amateur and would like to cook "real & serious food" at home, but don't have hours to carefully carve every piece of vegetable and create many stocks, sauces & such, then pick another book. The recipes in this one look delicious, and the book itself is great (lots of photographies, very interesting and relevant text), but I never cooked anything from this book yet (so can't comment on how these taste) simply because it seems that each recipe will take me 3 hours... and I always end up chosing something in another book that looks doable for a weekly dinner.

Maybe I'll do a coq au vin for my dad's birthday when I have a long weekend ahead? Maybe... Or when I'll retire?




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