Legends Of The Tour

The Hottest, Toughest And Fastest Riders Of This Decade

56cdc0cd90f56.jpg Author Alex Hinds, Daniel Friebe, Ellis Bacon, and Reece Homfray
Isbn 9781743790489
File size 70.5 MB
Year 2015
Pages 224
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Sport

Book Description:

The Tour de France is a phenomenon of such scale that it transcends sport. Whether you are mesmerised by the scenery, captivated by its sporting drama or spellbound by the sheer athleticism of the riders, the Tour de France is one of sport’s most compelling events.

It’s a race of mythical proportions, filled with spectacle and superhuman feats of endurance. But what makes the Tour truly unique is that almost all who ride it are equally revered. That a rider has never worn the yellow jersey, let alone won the race, does not make him any less of a hero.

The Tour de France inspires the powerful of mind and body to extraordinary achievements, and shines a light on the true nature of the men who battle for glory over three torturous weeks.

Legends of the Tour is a tribute to the dedication of the latest generation of riders to tackle the race, from those who stand proud atop the podium, to those who work tirelessly to help elevate their teammates to champions.

These are the cycling legends of today and tomorrow.



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