LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence

Lessons for Policy, Practice, and Research

5c88acc9c0cf6.jpg Author Adam M. Messinger
Isbn 9780520286054
File size 3.0MB
Year 2017
Pages 328
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sexuality

Book Description:

Nationally representative studies confirm that LGBTQ individuals are at an elevated risk of experiencing intimate partner violence. While many similarities exist between LGBTQ and heterosexual-cisgender intimate partner violence, research has illuminated a variety of unique aspects of LGBTQ intimate partner violence regarding the predictors of perpetration, the specific forms of abuse experienced, barriers to help-seeking for victims, and policy and intervention needs. This is the first book that systematically reviews the literature regarding LGBTQ intimate partner violence, draws key lessons for current practice and policy, and recommends research areas and enhanced methodologies.



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