Lighting for Nude Photography, Revised Edition

5a9dd8ce20e82.jpg Author Rod Ashford
Isbn 9782940378319
File size 12MB
Year 2007
Pages 160
Language English
File format PDF
Category Cinema

Book Description:

Lighting a nude can be challenging. How does a photographer turn a naked body into a work of art? Learn the top tips and techniques from Lighting for Nude Photography, now in a fully revised and updated edition of the acclaimed original. The photographs, including full nude art photos, semi-nude erotica, and much more, are beautiful and inspiring, and the lighting on each is fully explained and diagrammed. New, updated text, diagrams, equipment, and techniques reveal how to use every type of lighting from natural light, to simple lighting setups, to complex multi-light arrangements.

* Completely up to date, designed for today’s photographers

* Useful information on every aspect of lighting the nude

* Beautiful full nudes and semi-nudes to inspire and illuminate



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