Lipoproteins: Role in Health and Diseases

5b454723658e5.jpeg Author Gerhard Kostner and Saša Frank
Isbn 9535107739
File size 18MB
Year 2012
Pages 772
Language English
File format PDF
Category Chemistry

Book Description:

This volume will help new investigators in the field to get acquainted with the general topic of lipoprotein research and will guide scientists interested in this area to emerging new fields.

By typing into databases such as Medline or PubMed the word "lipoprotein" one gets more than 100.000 hits that highlight the common interest in this topic.
It is actually impossible to cover all aspects of lipoprotein structure, function, metabolism and pathophysiology in one issue like the present volume, but attempts have been made to concentratte on topics that are in focus of current lipoprotein research.



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