The Love Aesthetics of Maurice Scève: Poetry and Struggle

(Cambridge Studies in French)

5846a3de22e30.jpeg Author Jerry C. Nash
Isbn 978-0521025621
File size 2MB
Year 1991
Pages 224
Language Englisch
File format PDF
Category Poetry

Book Description:

This book reassesses the love poetry of Maurice Scève from a phenomenological viewpoint. It calls into question the traditional critical view of Scève as a poet consumed by the anguish and darkness of unrequited love, and frustrated by poetic and erotic quests that lead him nowhere. Professor Nash argues instead that the conflicting forces in Scève's poetic expression of love (light and dark, night and day, heaven and hell) lead ultimately to a sense of equilibrium and a transcendent paradisal state, and that the poet's struggle is actually directed toward this coming to terms with the meaning of ineffable love. Contemplation and portrayal of the ineffable are shown to constitute the central and unifying concern of this compelling body of Renaissance love poetry.



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