Low-Energy Lunar Trajectory Design

5874529215842.jpeg Author Jeffrey S. Parker
Isbn 9781118853870
File size 38MB
Year 2014
Pages 448
Language English
File format PDF
Category Astronomy

Book Description:

Based on years of research conducted at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Low-Energy Lunar Trajectory Design provides high-level information to mission managers and detailed information to mission designers about low-energy transfers between Earth and the moon. The book answers high-level questions about the availability and performance of such transfers in any given month and year. Low-energy lunar transfers are compared with various other types of transfers, and placed within the context of historical missions.

Using this book, designers may reconstruct any transfer described therein, as well as design similar transfers with particular design parameters.

An Appendix, “Locating the Lagrange Points,” and a useful list of terms and constants completes this technical reference.

  • Surveys thousands of possible trajectories that may be used to transfer spacecraft between Earth and the moon, including transfers to lunar libration orbits, low lunar orbits, and the lunar surface
  • Provides information about the methods, models, and tools used to design low-energy lunar transfers
  • Includes discussion about the variations of these transfers from one month to the next, and the important operational aspects of implementing a low-energy lunar transfer
  • Additional discussions address navigation, station-keeping, and spacecraft systems issues



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