Mainstreaming Co-Operation

An Alternative for the Twenty-First Century?

41kQJ8lmCNL._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Anthony Webster, Linda Shaw, and Rachael Vorberg-Rugh
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Year 2016
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Book Description:

Introduction - Anthony Webster, Linda Shaw and Rachael Vorberg-Rugh
1. Mainstreaming co-operatives after the global financial crisis - Claudia Sanchez Bajo and Bruno Roelants
2. Our agencies: persuasion and the value of a concept to mainstreaming co-operation - Philip Grant
3. G. J. Holyoake (1807-1906): a resource for a journey of hope? - Stephen Yeo
4. History, citizenship and co-operative education, c. 1895-1930 - Keith Vernon
5. 'The unit of the co-operative a woman': gender and the development of the co-operative business model in Britain - Rachael Vorberg-Rugh
6. A continuing challenge: women and leadership in co-operatives - Barbara Rawlings and Linda Shaw
7. The wasted years? The Co-operative Party during the 1930s - Angela Whitecross
8. New models of ownership and governance - Cliff Mills and Ruth Yeoman
9. Co-operatives in health care: global prospects for the development of co-operatives as instruments of consumer-centred health care - Vern Hughes
10. Rising numbers of architectural co-operatives in an uncertain construction economy - Stephen McCusker
11. Co-operatives and climate protection: housing co-operatives in Germany - Carolin Schroeder and Heike Walk
12. The co-operative identity: good for poverty reduction? - Rowshan Hannan
13. What do we really know about workers' co-operatives? - Virginie Perotin
14.The impact of the co-operative ethos on the creation of shared value: a case study of Lincolnshire Co-operative Society - Phil Considine and Martin Hingley
15. Learning to swim against the tide: crises and co-operative credibility - some international and historical examples - Anthony Webster, Linda Shaw, Rachael Vorberg-Rugh, John F. Wilson and Ian Snaith
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