Why males exist: An inquiry into the evolution of sex

5853e1a44a06e.jpeg Author Fred Hapgood
Isbn 0688035469
File size 34.6MB
Year 1979
Pages 211
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sexuality

Book Description:

Why does the male exist? In most species he seems to make no useful contribution to the construction of the next generation beyond the transfer of sperm. In this book, Fred Hapgood, a frequent contributor on science to Atlantic Monthly, argues that the evolutionary purpose of males in the animal kingdom is to serve females in all aspects of the mating relationship. Only those males that shoulder a significant portion of the work of reproduction achieve genuine equality within the mating relationship. Why Males Exist is a report from the frontier of sociobiology. It provokes us into seeing many parallels in the sexual politics of our own lives and to ponder such novel questions as: What are males good for? Why are there two sexes? And why do life·forms engage in sex at all?



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