Lethal Spots, Vital Secrets

Lethal Spots, Vital Secrets provides an ethnographic study of varmakkalai, or "the art of the vital spots," a South Indian esoteric tradition that combines medical practice and martial arts. Although siddha medicine is officially part of the Indian Government's medically pluralistic health-care system, very little of a reliable nature has been written about it. Drawing on a diverse array of materials, including Tamil manuscripts, int...

Chinese Gung Fu: The Philosophical Art of Self-Defense

Originally published in 1963, this book includes personal testimonies regarding the author and his art from James Y. Lee, the legendary Ed Parker, and jujutsu icon Wally Jay. Through hand-drawn diagrams and captioned photo sequences, Lee’s text comes to life as he demonstrates a variety of training exercises and fighting techniques. Topics include basic gung fu stances, waist training, leg training, and the theory of yin and yang. Th...

The Neutronic Motors of Pa Kua Chang

Advent for Everyone: Luke provides readers with an inspirational guide through the Advent season, from the first Sunday in Advent through the Saturday after the Fourth Sunday in Advent. Popular biblical scholar and author N. T. Wright provides his own Scripture translation and brief reflection, exploring the Gospel themes of faith, repentance, justice, and celebration. Wright's engaging reflections take you on a journey of spiritual ...

O arqueiro Zen e a Arte de Viver

A fantástica arte zen do auto-conhecimento, na concepção de um ocidental. Kenneth Kushner transmite a essência do Dharma ilustrada pela prática do arco e flechas, onde cada flecha representa uma vida. Este belíssimo livro contém a essência espiritual da prática do Kyudo complementando o texto consagrado de Henrigel.

Ninja Defense: A Modern Master's Approach to Universal Dangers

Master the Japanese martial art of ninjutsu with this illustrated, informative guide. In The Ninja Defense, the classic art of the ninja is updated for maximum effectiveness in modern day situations. Stephen K. Hayes is a Black Belt Hall of Fame member, founder of To-Shin Do, and acknowledged "Father of American Ninjutsu." He has distilled and refined the knowledge he has built studying and teaching ninjutsu for decades into a compre...

The Tiger/Crane Form of Hung Gar Kung-Fu

Master Bucksam Kong reveals the closely guarded techniques of the ferocious yet graceful art of the tiger/crane form of hung gar kung-fu. This classic text covers every aspect of the eponymous form, which melds the powerful attacks of the tiger with the elusive, flowing techniques of the crane.

12 basic exercises for the energy generation

This book is devoted to the development of phenomenal strength that is many times superior to the physical capacity of a common man. Master Bruce Lee remarked the high efficiency of these exercise, and often practiced them. Due to the exercise contained in this book the physical body accumulates strength and energy.

Kyusho / Dim Mak. Manual práctico. Introducción

Portada Kyusho dim mak Este manual sobre el arte del Kyusho Jutsu recoge un gran conocimiento. Aunque de apariencia sencilla, sus hojas guardan conclusiones y sabidurçias médico-marciales de tiempos inmemoriales. Como podrá ver en su interior, algunos de sus textos y lecciones son apasionantes. Sobretodo si usted es o pretende ser un artista marcial serio y completo, estudioso y exigente con los razonamientos que dichas artes nos pla...