Shotokan Mysteries

Shotokan Mysteries communicates Kousaku Yokota’s work and research into the great, deep golden chest of our continued rediscovery of Shotokan karate in a positive and reflective approach. This book reaches out, openly guiding the reader into recognizing karate as a whole thing itself, paving the way to allow for questions and the subsequent answers to run side by side in a noncritical way, and transcending any misinterpretation or mi...

The Hidden Roots of Aikido

The Daitoryu is a brutally effective fighting method thought to have been first developed more than a thousand years ago by members of the Japanese imperial family. It was then refined and honed in great secrecy through centuries of hand-to-hand combat by highly trained warriors. Its techniques were jealously guarded until late in the nineteenth century, when it was first introduced to the world by master Sokaku Takeda, who began to ...

The Evolution of Wing Chun Kung Fu Kicking Techniques

This text, thick with history, presents a rarely shown part of the master techniques of Wing Chun style Kung Fu. This is an important and noteworthy text in the Wing Chun canon. The Evolution of Wing Chun Kung Fu Kicking Techniques is divided into distinct parts. The introductions add background about Wing Chun's lineage, including a very interesting front piece by C. S. Tang, a noted authority. There is much information on who was w...

Black Belt. Judo Skills and Techniques

"Black Belt" offers judo practitioners a comprehensive illustrated manual to the sport, taking them beyond the basic holds, throws and groundwork techniques, and exploring in detail the more advanced techniques (arm locks, joint locks, strangleholds etc.). Part 1 of the book covers the fundamentals of the sport, including its history and development, as well as the philosophy that underpins judo. Part 2 focuses on throwing techniques...

The Lamb Method. A Manual with Illustrations of a New Concept in the Use of the Police Baton

Advent for Everyone: Luke provides readers with an inspirational guide through the Advent season, from the first Sunday in Advent through the Saturday after the Fourth Sunday in Advent. Popular biblical scholar and author N. T. Wright provides his own Scripture translation and brief reflection, exploring the Gospel themes of faith, repentance, justice, and celebration. Wright's engaging reflections take you on a journey of spiritual ...

The Spirit of Aikido

Discusses the philosophy of this martial art, describes aikido's basic movements, and demonstrates specific strike techniques. KISSHOMARU UESHIBA: the second Aikido Doshu (the person who embodies the spirit of Aikido as inherited from the founder and is the living symbol of Aikido). He was born in 1921, the third son of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. He graduated from Waseda University in 1946, became master of the Aikido Wo...

Martial Arts and the Body Politic in Indonesia

"Offers an innovative study of nationalism and the Indonesian state through the ethnography of the martial art of Pencak Silat. Wilson shows how technologies of physical and spiritual warfare such as Pencak Silat have long played a prominent role in Indonesian political society. He demonstrates the importance of these technologies to the display and performance of power, and highlights the limitations of theories of secular modernity...

Bruce Lee's Fighting Method, Vol. 2: Basic Training

Reveals how the iconic warrior attained his legendary speed, power, and footwork. Included are practical, effective stretches for increasing flexibility, abdominal exercises that can be performed anywhere, and hard-hitting advice on running, biking, skipping rope, and shadowboxing. More than just a fitness guide, this must-have manual also delves into the fundamental aspects of Bruce Lee s revolutionary combat philosophy, jeet kune d...

A Path to Understanding Fighting

This is the authoritative book on fighting from one of the UK's leading martial artists. "Fighting" takes the intermediate martial arts student through the fundamentals of combat, with comprehensive sections on preparation (footwork, stance, range and measure, guards) and punching and kicking attacks and defences, including elbows, knees, throws and training combinations and workouts to drill all these. There is also a very useful se...